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6 Proofs Of True Friendship

6 Proofs Of True Friendship

A true friendship is something very difficult to find nowadays. It requires patience, dedication, and a lot of sincerity. However, although there is no magic formula for creating a true friendship, there are signs that tell who our friends really are. How can we differentiate a true friendship from an abusive or superficial one? These are the questions we will try to answer in this article.

How can we define friendship?

Friendship is a type of affective relationship between two people, involving a certain degree of trust and cordiality, very similar to love, but devoid of romantic and sexual connotations.

This type of link generally exists between humans, but it is also used to refer to commensal relationships or links between humans and other animals such as dogs and cats.

True friends motivate us and support us

True friends encourage us when we are extremely pessimistic and critical with ourselves. In addition, they support us and support us in the difficult moments of life.

True friends forgive

We all make mistakes from time to time. But as Randy Tara, author and producer of Happiness Project describes it, "When there is a conflict, true friends have the courage to face the problem instead of talking in your back and nurturing resentment. True friends are able to understand and forgive. "

They are present in difficult times

This could be the best way to distinguish a fake friend from a real one. In difficult times, a true friend would never think of giving up on you. He will offer his help in any way possible and will prove to you that you can count on him. However, fake friends will leave you unscrupulous in these situations because helping you overcome your problems is a burden to them.

They are not your competitors

True friends do not envy you, they are happy with your successes and are looking for ways to celebrate them. However, it should be noted that competition between friends is not so bad, as long as it is healthy and does not affect the friendship. It can even help both parties to succeed, through motivation and collaboration.

In true friendship, there is mutual trust

A good friendship implies a high degree of trust. You can be comfortable sharing your feelings or details of your own life with each other, knowing that he will not betray you, taking action against the situation or taking advantage of it.

True friends do not judge you

Many strong friendships are born with people with whom we have some points of disagreement. The wonderful thing about all of this is that, despite the differences, friends do not judge, and do not blame you for your decisions or your way of being. They respect what you are, your way of thinking and doing even if they do not share it.

A relationship of friendship is not always a long calm river, there are ups and downs as in all kinds of relationships. Only, a true friend is always there, faithful and sincere.
6 Proofs Of True Friendship