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More And More People Are Replacing Toilet Paper With Reusable "Family Rags"

More And More People Are Replacing Toilet Paper With Reusable "Family Rags"

For the sake of ecology, many families choose to use reusable home fabrics after using the toilet. This initiative is acclaimed by some, anxious to save the environment by avoiding the use of hygienic toilet paper, but criticized by others who feel horrified by this idea. But is this "family fabric" really a good idea?

Reusable cloth, advantage or disadvantage?
The use of toilet paper has long been the only method for cleaning after toileting, but it turns out that this is not the most effective method because it generates gynecological problems or even urinary tract infections. Friction with paper is the main cause. Also, some people opt for home linen, considering that it is not only more hygienic but also more ecological.

In fact, a Frenchman uses about 17 grams of toilet paper a day, or 6.2 kilos a year. Also, experts believe that the use of toilet paper should be banned. In fact, they argue, at the same time, that toilet paper is expensive for both the consumer and the environment. According to them, it kills about 27,000 trees a day worldwide which contributes to massive deforestation.

Moreover, the cost of toilet paper can literally increase if we favor luxury brands that take advantage of the needs of more and more frequent consumers in terms of comfort and thus put on sale, high-end products also counting well on the thickness than on the softness, the color or even the perfume.

Not to mention the danger that can be represented by white paper that manufacturers do not hesitate to bleach with chlorine to beautify the product, or even to throw biodegradable toilet paper in the bowl, and that contributes to water pollution.

So for or against fabric laundry?
While this initiative has delighted conservationists, other people have not hesitated to criticize it, especially when it comes to putting the cloth used in the washing machine repeatedly to reuse it. This washing action would require as much water and soap, or even electricity when using the washing machine. Thus, they feel that it could be as expensive as using toilet paper.

Also, on social networks, we are witnessing the disdain that some Internet users show towards family tissues with comments that are not very convenient.

However, other people vehemently encourage this initiative by giving examples of their personal experiences regarding these homemade linens.

An anonymous woman spoke to BuzzFeed about her family experience and even said, "In my mind, buying and using disposable toilet paper was literally throwing money into the bathroom! By adding "Let's clear things up: people who use homemade laundry for hygiene do not have just one piece of fabric. We have dozens of small strips of fabric. This user believes that these wipes should be considered at the same level as the underwear used daily.

Some have even advocated the return of the bidet in the bathroom, which they believe is healthier and more practical and his investment would be less expensive.

The purpose of this action is to make the world a better place for all humanity and to protect the planet. Admittedly, it is a gesture that will not pay off instantly, but if everyone gets involved, the results will be felt over time.

So are you for or against using these famous cloth wipes!