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11 Signs That Prove He Loves You Madly

11 Signs That Prove He Loves You Madly

Men tend to have trouble expressing their feelings. This is due in part to cultural and sociological reasons that prepare men for a dominant role in the family. However, this configuration causes conflict within the couple because women feel aggrieved and suffer from a lack of communication.

Indeed, there are many who hope that their men declare more often their flames, to be able to live their relationship serenely. However, what they most often forget is that acts are worth more than words. So, if you still ask questions and doubt your Jules' feelings, here are some signs that prove that he is in love with you!

1. He listens to you and remembers everything you tell him
A man in love gives you his full attention, he loves to hear you tell your life and that for a while. And, if in addition he holds everything you tell him, you can be sure, you count for him!

2. He takes care of you
When a man is in love, he will do anything to get more involved in your everyday life. Your darling has prepared your favorite dinner or washed dishes because he knows you have a lot of work? Here are some nice touches that show that he loves you sincerely.

3. He takes your hand
A man in love is not afraid to physically show his feelings, especially by taking the hand of his partner. So if he walks near you, feels comfortable taking your hand and embraces you in public, it is because you are dear to his heart.

4. He apologizes when he is wrong
He admits his wrongdoing and takes responsibility for any mistake he may have made. He knows how much pride can destroy a relationship, so he makes sure you do not suffer again from the mistakes he may have made.

5. It protects you
A man who loves you behaves like a gentleman and will not hesitate to protect you from someone who annoys you, despite the fact that he knows very well that you are a strong and independent woman. This type of man is very rare and will do everything in his power to protect you.

6. He notices all your changes
You change your haircut or you show a tristounette mine and he notices it quickly? This shows that he is very sensitive to everything that can happen to you because he is interested in you.

7. He sees himself in the long run with you
When a man includes you in his future, it says a lot about his real feelings and the strength of your relationship. Initially, it can be a simple proposition, such as an invitation to a wedding or an outing with friends, then gradually the projects become larger and take the form of a trip to two, an apartment or a commitment.

8. He looks you in the eyes
Since the eyes are the reflection of the soul, they do not lie. Thus, the best way to know a person, and to seduce her, is to look into her eyes. Besides, a man who loves you will seek by all means to plunge his eyes into yours.

9. He treats you like a princess
You can be sure, you are his princess when he treats you as if you were one. To know it, nothing easier: it will surprise you with gifts, offer you a massage after a hard day or a breakfast in bed at the weekend. All these gestures betray the love he feels towards you.

10. He looks at you often
"I love to feel his eyes rest on me when I look elsewhere"
-Julie Delpy

When your man looks at you even when you do not pay attention, it is proof that he loves you sincerely.

11. He loves to talk about you
He likes to talk to you about his loved ones, what you like or dislike, and what he likes about you. This may seem trivial for some, but for him you are unique!
11 Signs That Prove He Loves You Madly