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6 Things That Men Find Secretly Attractive In Women (But Never Talk About It)

6 Things That Men Find Secretly Attractive In Women (But Never Talk About It)

Things That Men Find Secretly Attractive To Women
The human being is a mammal. We are certainly intelligent but we are born with an animal instinct. He is there, well buried in us. However, although our requirements are based on the intellectual, certain physical aspects attract us intrinsically and sometimes without being explained. Since the dawn of time, men find a certain attraction to some physical peculiarities of women and their appearance that they keep silent.

The heart has its reasons that reason ignores
The attraction is often inexplicable. When a man is overwhelmed by a woman's charm, he does not always know why. It is often said that love falls on us when we least expect it and even if we have criteria, we forget to take them into account. This tends to surpass us but some scientists have found some answers.

Here are 6 things that men find secretly attractive to a woman:

A body cut in 8
Hips at the Marilyn Monroe are not just pretty to look at, but it's also a sign of fertility. Unconsciously, men see women as the future mother of their children. The slightly hips and arched back represent the ability to get pregnant and this attracts men like magnets.

A symmetrical face
In Pharaonic times, the symmetry of the face represented a noble descent and therefore perfect beauty. Once again, the man thought of his lineage and therefore, the children. The woman with the symmetrical face thus assures him his inheritance. Today, this feeling of comfort in the face of symmetry attracts men because it is transmitted genetically. Admit it, many of us like to practice geometry as the inevitable "contouring" because no face is perfectly symmetrical.

Long hair
In a study published in 2003 in Human Nature, researchers studied the effect of six different hairstyles: The bun, the ponytail, the braid, the hair released short, mid-long or long. These studies have shown that long hair is not only perceived as attractive but also a sign of good health and longevity. Of course, all hairstyles please, but if you give trouble with your clips and elastics, abandon them would be a prospect of tranquility but also seduction.

The Red color
Clothes, lingeries, lipstick ... red is a sign of pleasure and sensuality. The scarlet red, everyone already knows its effect, maybe you should dare to wear it more often.

Smell of pheromones
Have you ever seen the movie "The perfume"? If so, it will make sense.

When we talk about alchemy, we subconsciously refer to smell. According to an article in Smithsonian magazine, our body odor can be altered by mood and other biological changes and this is a completely natural phenomenon. Thus, the perfume companies have been looking for years for the perfect love potion, to no avail.

Captivating eyes
It is said that the eyes are the reflection of the soul. Through the eyes we can express a lot of emotions because it allows the body and the energies to communicate and to expose us as an open book. This is undoubtedly the culmination of this last attraction. A look to captivate, a wink to seduce!