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9 Types Of Pain Directly Related To Your Emotions

9 Types Of Pain Directly Related To Your Emotions

So many people today tend to focus all their attention on their bodies but neglect to take into consideration that their minds also have needs that must be met. And it seems that the link between these two elements is much more important than what we imagine, so much so that our emotional state would be able to trigger pain in our body.

Just as a muscular or organic pain can affect us emotionally, it also works in the opposite direction because our thoughts, our feelings, our emotions can also have a direct physical impact on us as some studies have been able to prove.

If you often hear that it is necessary to evacuate emotions and negative thoughts it is because these are things that, once buried inside us, are trapped in more than one part of our body.

To have a headache
This type of pain usually results from the stress accumulated during the day. Do not neglect rest and relaxation when you return home in the evening because this will allow you to decompress and eliminate this daily embarrassment.

Have shoulder hurts
It is not only physical pressure that can cause pain in this part of the body, the weight of certain emotions is equally capable. Make it a habit to externalize your feelings and let those around you share your burden.

Have a sore neck
Neck pain can be due to being hard on yourself and others. Learn to forgive and focus on what is most positive about you and those around you.

Have a bad upper back
Lack of emotional support is what could cause such pain. Loneliness, lack of self-esteem and attention can lead to such a state. So try to turn the page and stay positive. And if you are single, give yourself the opportunity to live a beautiful love story capable of making you forget everything.

To have pain in the elbows
If you suffer from pain in this joint, it is because you are likely to be very rigid in the face of changes in your life. You should start to be more flexible so you can ride the waves of life and take advantage of every moment.

Have low back pain
This pain, also commonly known as lumbago, may be due to an emotional state that is very closely related to money problems. If your current financial management displeases you, review it as soon as possible to avoid further suffering.

Hip hurts
If you have pain in this part of the body it is possible that you are someone hesitant who has a lot of trouble to progress. Do not forget that being cautious does not mean staying still, so you have to decide and go on, because time passes with or without you.

Have knee pain
Knees may not only suffer from excessive body weight, but also from an oversized ego. Modesty is in this case your only remedy, it will also allow you to be closer to others and prevent you from having a despicable conduct.

Have hands hurt
Hand pain can mean that you have serious communication problems that interfere with your relationships with others. So be open and make efforts to have the favor of those around you and to be able to forge new social ties.
9 Types Of Pain Directly Related To Your Emotions