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Video Games Make Kids More Aggressive And Violent!

Video Games Make Kids More Aggressive And Violent!

While screens have invaded our lives, our children are always spending more time in front of the television, the telephone or the tablet, for mainly recreational purposes. However, more and more studies highlight the harmful effects of screens, and video games in particular, on the cognitive development of children and their behavior.

The harmful consequences of video games on behavior

The results of a new study: video games increase aggression
According to a study by the University of Dartmouth in the United States, which has just been published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, video games have a negative impact on children's behavior. making them more aggressive.

In this study of more than 17,000 children and adolescents between the ages of 9 and 19 between 2000 and 2017, researchers examined the real-life behavior of young people who play video games. Their aggression and violence, whether they were fighting or not, and whether they were expelled from their class by being sent to the principal's office were studied.

And the researchers conclude unsurprisingly that "the effects of violent video games extend to meaningful behaviors in the real world". In other words, violent video games do increase aggressive behavior and youth violence over time.

The already known harmful effects of video games
Previously, the National Center for Health Research had already confirmed a causal link between playing video games and reducing people's sensitivity to violence and their ability to empathize. The article states that "the more people are exposed to violent video games, the more likely they are to engage in aggressive behavior, thoughts, and feelings."

The perverse effects of the exposure of people to video games are very real and alarming, and are added to those of screens in general.

The consequences of time spent in front of screens

This is how, in general, screens can impact children.

- Behavioral disorders
Television, phone or tablet have a great influence on the behavior of children. Not only do they tend to reproduce in real life everything they see or almost see, whether it is good or bad, but screens are also causing disorders such as impulsiveness and anger .

- Sleep disorders
Many children fall asleep with a tablet, a phone or a lighted television. However, those who watch their screens before going to sleep remain, according to research conducted on this subject, awake longer and are more likely to suffer from sleep disorders.

- Greater academic difficulties
Screens also have a deleterious effect on children's academic success. The difficulties of attention and concentration in the classroom and their greater propensity for chatter often lead to a decline in their results. Especially since children who spend time in front of screens spend less time doing homework and learning their lessons. The constant distractions that these devices offer make them, like us, susceptible to a loss of efficiency.

- A risk of overweight
On average, children who spend several hours a day sitting in front of a screen nibble more and do less physical activity. They lose in physical condition and their body mass increases.

- A risk of increased depression
Regular social networking increases children's risk of depression and feeling bad about themselves.

- Affected family relations
When parents and children prefer to be in front of their screens rather than spending time together, having conversations or playing with family members, family life is degraded and the emotional development of the child the risk of being affected.

What to do ? Some tips to escape the harmful effects of screens and video games

If you want to guarantee your children a good development, it is essential to limit the time they spend on their screens. For this you can:

- Set time slots during which the use of electronic devices is allowed, and others where it is not
- Prohibit screens at table and before bedtime
- Make sure there is no internet access in the children's rooms and do not place a television
- Register your children for sports or artistic activities
- Organize days or evenings in family and without screens
video Games Make Kids More Aggressive And Violent!