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Women Need More Sleep Than Men According To An Expert

Women Need More Sleep Than Men According To An Expert

Sleep plays a major role in our neurological health, including cognitive function and memory. But sleep also has an impact on hormonal health, including weight balance, stress management, and libido. That's why we all need a good night's sleep, but experts have found that women need more sleep than men. Explications!

Prof. Jim Horne, an expert on sleep research in Britain, says that women need an average of twenty to thirty minutes more sleep per night than men. This expert justifies this need by the complexity of the cerebral activity of the woman without forgetting its versatility which appeals to several parts of the brain that the man. He adds that despite this the majority of women do not have the rest necessary for their good health.

The more you use your brain during the day, the greater the need for sleep!
But do women really need more sleep than men? Now, thanks to the research of the British sleep expert, the answer is finally here. In fact, women need an average of 20 minutes longer than men. And that goes back to the often concerned and multitasking brain of women.

Women's brains are wired differently, so their sleeping needs will be slightly larger. Women tend to do many things at once, they do a lot at the same time and are flexible. They therefore use many parts of their brains than men. However, men who have complex jobs, which involve a lot of decision-making and lateral thinking, will probably also need more sleep than others.

Another difference with women and sleep lies in the structure of their brain. The brains of women are designed to be able to raise their children while working simultaneously, indeed this design is what allowed our ancestors to look after their children while performing other tasks.

The design of women's brains to perform multiple tasks at once has not changed. Women are supposed to take care of their babies, feed them and often work from home or hold a full-time job.

The demands of being a wife and mother, combined with the obligation to provide financial support, can lead a woman to reduce the amount of sleep needed. Women also have more difficulty resting when they have the opportunity because the temptation to continue to perform other tasks is still there.

Many women use their free time of the day to check their mail or browse social networks.

In a 2014 study, 949 people were tested and the results revealed that men's brains had more connections in each cerebral hemisphere, while women's brains had more connections between the two hemispheres.

The results showed that men are able to focus deeply on one task at a time, while the female brain is better at performing multiple functions simultaneously. This explains the "narrow vision" in some men and the superior multitasking ability of some women. Multiple tasks require more brain effort, which is why women need more sleep than men to rest and recover.

We all know that sleep deals with many processes that affect the personality, the memory, the thoughts, the feelings finally all that makes human and able to function. So try to enjoy a sufficient quality and quantity of sleep for a healthy body and brain.
Women Need More Sleep Than Men According To An Expert