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Aloe Vera Is A Natural Remedy That Treats Diabetes, Constipation, Hemorrhoids And Many Other Diseases

Aloe Vera Is A Natural Remedy That Treats Diabetes, Constipation, Hemorrhoids And Many Other Diseases

Used for millennia and by various civilizations, aloe vera is a plant that continues to amaze us with its many virtues. To take advantage of these to the maximum, simply recover the gel of this plant in its pure state.

Legendary, it has been a long time since this plant gained its notoriety and it is not without merits! Originally from Sudan, it is in the Egypteantique that researchers have found multiple healing preparations based on Aloe written on the Papyrus Ebers and used mainly to treat wounds, hair loss and ulcers. Playing a therapeutic role, some would call it: the miraculous plant.

Popular and traditional plant
One study claims that pure Aloe Vera has been used for centuries in Indian medicine to treat constipation, skin diseases and infections. Americans from Mexico use aloe vera as a cure for type 2 diabetes and in Chinese medicine it is used to treat fungal infections.

Today, the manufacture of Aloe Vera extracts is one of the largest botanical industries in the world, and in addition to the wide range of pharmaceutical products, this plant is also found in cosmetics. One can benefit from the virtues of aloe vera without any transformation.

Some proven virtues of aloe vera

Intestinal transit
The laxative effect of aloe vera gel improves many subjects suffering from chronic constipation. After 28 days, a study showed a marked improvement in stool frequency and consistency, without the body developing a laxative addiction.

This laxative power is due to the anthraquinones found in the latex of aloe vera. These substances increase the intestinal peristalsis, that is to say the muscular contractions that allow the stool to progress until it is evacuated. But always ask your doctor for advice before use.

In one trial, 60 diabetic women who did not receive treatment received a tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel for 6 weeks. The researchers found a clear drop in their blood sugar levels. It is important to seek advice from your doctor in case of medical treatment.

Skin conditions
Clinically proven, aloe vera gel is effective for skin conditions because of its healing and moisturizing properties. Applied on the skin, the gel allows a good healing of wounds, fight against acne and relieves burns. In order to evaluate the speed of its action, the researchers applied gel to burn patients and found that their skin was cleansed in a shorter time than those to whom the usual care was applied. Aloe vera is also used to treat minor lesions and skin inflammation (burns and pain relief due to hemorrhoids as confirmed by studies)

However, for severely infected wounds and more severe burns, the use of aloe vera is not indicated. Limit to your doctor's instructions.

The gel of this plant also has anti-aging, anti-imperfection, anti-drying and detoxifying properties. It can be applied as a serum or mask on the face. It can also be used as a makeup base for its smoothing action, ideal for preparing the skin.

Aloe vera is not recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children under 12 years old. People who suffer from chronic intestinal inflammation, appendicitis, hemorrhoids or bowel obstruction should not consume it either.
Aloe Vera Is A Natural Remedy