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Scientists Say Babies Born In December Are Nicer And Live Longer

Scientists Say Babies Born In December Are Nicer And Live Longer

Have a baby in December, a bargain? According to the researchers, babies would be real gifts in December. More friendly and with better longevity, these little tips would be creams for parents.

Even if Noel arrives at the same time as your birthday, you have something to be happy about. Several studies have found a lot of benefits to be born in December according to our fellow Sun. And best of all, babies born in the last month of the year live much longer.

According to a study published in the Journal du Viellissement, children born in December are more likely to pass the 100-year mark (about 105). More gifts are expected for Christmas, if the children are born at the end of the year!

People born in December tend to be more friendly. It has been proven, using a panel of 400 people, that those born in winter are less likely to take the fly. An advantage that benefits both children and parents.

Health Bonus: These babies would be more immune to the risk of cardiovascular disease. According to a study involving 1,749,400 Americans, babies born in December would be less likely to develop cardiovascular disease.

Linked destinies
The month you were born could well be a hallmark of your destiny. This is how babies born in December are more likely to become dentists. Researchers from the National Statistical Office have noted that there is a correlation between the month of birth and certain occupations.

Babies born in December are also likely to become athletes. In any case, the conclusion of this study, which explains this by a long exposure to the sun of Mom during pregnancy. And that's not all. University studies show that December natives are more likely to be early birds than babies born in other months of the year. Having a baby is a wonderful gift, whatever the month of the year. All babies possess unique qualities and benefits regardless of the month in which they were born.

Astrology of the baby of the month of December:
If your baby was born between November 23rd and December 21st, then it's a Sagittarius. Enthusiastic and very curious about the world around her, the baby will be a sponge. He will see everything, hear everything and be interested in everything. Epicurean, he likes the good things in life like laughing and eating. Very active, he does not hold in place and always wants to broaden his horizons. Sociable and tolerant, it is easily adaptable to all situations. With his adventurous side, he likes to take risks because he will be looking for danger and adrenaline.

Sagittarius baby: He likes to experiment, to occupy space, discoveries. It is a real source of happiness for those around him and will always keep a sense of humor.

If your baby was born between December 22nd and January 19th then it's a little Capricorn. Wise and focused, baby Capricorn is rather introverted. To trust, he needs to feel safe and well surrounded. It is therefore a reserved baby, who will mature more quickly than the others. Capricorn knows how to show his entourage that he counts for him. Attention to change, because he knows little adapt. He also has a lot of ambitions and holds his responsibilities when he has to. His qualities: a great strength of character, intuition and sense of repartee!

Baby capricorn:
Sensitive to hugs and kisses, he will still have a great sense of independence. He will not hesitate to claim it early so be sure to keep a personal space. Although he is very selective in his friendships, he often likes being surrounded.
Babies Born In December Are Nicer And Live Longer