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According To Science, Blond Women Would Be The Smartest

According To Science, Blond Women Would Be The Smartest

Stereotypes often convey false beliefs based on trivialities. But here is one that will finally be obsolete. The blondes have the reputation of being really simple, but in reality, they are smarter than the others as reported by our fellow Daiymail. We tell you everything.

Blond-haired women collect jokes about their intellectual abilities. But do we have tangible proof that they are stupid? Why did we conclude that they were in the end?

Once the question was asked, the unconvincing arguments on the subject prompted scientific researchers to analyze it so that we can finally address the intelligence of blondes on a more conclusive basis. The results revealed that the intelligence quotient of blond-haired women was, in fact, higher than that of others. But the main purpose of the study was to prove that one could not rely on hair color to determine a woman's intelligence.

Blondes, smarter than brunettes!
Decidedly, prejudices and stereotypes push us to form an opinion based on nothing. Obviously, it's unfair! But when our brain gets used to an idea, it becomes automatic. But why having blond hair affects a woman's brains? This seems insane, indeed.

Fortunately, the scientists finally decided to look into the issue to put an end to this belief.

Jay Zakorsky, a research scientist at Ohio University, conducted a study to examine this idea. He submitted 10,878 women to various IQ tests. Thus, blond, brown, red and black-haired women were put on an equal footing. Finally, the results were, against all odds, rewarding for the golden hair!

The IQ of the blondes was, in fact, higher than that of the others. The researcher said, "This study provides convincing evidence that there should be no discrimination against blondes based on their intelligence." Looks like Jay Zakorsky saves the reputation of blondes!

Stereotype obsolete
For the present study, researchers claim to have excluded African-Americans and Hispanic-born women in order to eliminate any ethnic bias from the survey.

The figures were, in fact, revealed: the average IQ of white women with blond hair is 103.2, that of brown-haired women is 102.7, redheads have an average of 101.2 and finally, women with Black hair fare with an average of 100.5.

Given its results, saying that blond women are smarter is somewhat grandiloquent, but it reveals very clearly that the color of wheat does not detract from a person's brain abilities.

An old rivalry
The idea of ​​men who prefer blondes ... Seems, apart from the very famous film by Marilyn Monroe that has brought out a certain rivalry between brunettes and blondes, and is rooted in the minds of some women. It is therefore possible, and even probable, that the stupidity of blondes, also accused of being superficial, is simple jealousy coming from their brown opponents! The latter, somewhat annoyed to hear that their counterparts with golden hair are more desirable in the eyes of men, have sought to be gratified in their turns by proclaiming themselves more intelligent! A gratification that has gradually lowered the blondes to the rank of simple. It can also be blamed for film productions, or even for media indoctrination. But it is only a toxic effect that divides the population and incites hostility.
According To Science, Blond Women Would Be The Smartest