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It's Official: Breaks Are More Painful For Men Than For Women

It's Official: Breaks Are More Painful For Men Than For Women

Men and women are different in how they express themselves and understand each other's feelings. And despite the fact that a break remains painful, it seems that it is the men who suffer the most according to a study relayed by our colleagues of the Daily Mail.

Binghamton University anthropologist Craig Morris provided an overview to shed light on post-relational mourning in both genders. Men and women feel and express their emotional pain in different ways and that is what determines the degree of suffering of each of them.

The infernal mourning
The study conducted by Dr. Morris solicited thousands of participants from 90 different countries. These individuals were subjected to a questionnaire concerning the end of their relationship. In the first place, we notice that women are much more affected than men. Being more emotional in nature, she is more depressed and lives with much greater intensity. His pain is present even in the eyes of those around him. The man on the other hand often looks much more serene.

After a breakup, it is not easy for him to express his suffering and he does not feel the need to do so. He stifles his pain and prefers to turn to violence, alcoholism and drug addiction. It becomes somewhat gloomy and all means are good for blocking unwelcome thoughts. One could deduce that the unfortunate consequences of a break really only make the woman suffer, while the man, in search of a second youth, is unscathed, but this is not really the case.

The trap closes
Women are not more sensitive than men, they simply let themselves be overwhelmed by their emotions. Indeed, the pain is present also in the men and it can not disappear by itself. At some point, it must be brought out and that is where everything is complicated.

Dr. Morris's papers look at the situation over the long term. The men, although they seem to manage very well their rupture, it is on the contrary the women who turn the page first, leaving them wading in an endless chaos. According to the reports, the men still suffered from their rupture after more than a year and do not know how to recover.

While the woman uses her pain to better understand herself and to determine with more maturity what she expects from life and a relationship, the man is always plunged into denial and always fleeing his suffering.

Theory of evolution
Relationships are a universal human experience, the two ex-partners go through a complex series of emotional states after the breakup. Still, the man lives the breakup as a trauma, so he is unable to deal with it instantly.

The anthropologist has used the theory of evolution for a better-established study. Indeed, the theory of evolution is as accentuated in men as in animals. Although the man is not very selective when it comes to procreation, wanting to keep a maximum of options at hand, we could believe that the transition from one partner to another does not really upset his emotions.

But finally, the analysis says that a relationship for the man goes beyond the intercourse relations. Obviously, the bond that is created in a couple is sealed by love and complicity in all cultures of the world. As a result, a man is not immune to the consequences of losing a serious relationship.

Regardless of appearances, men also have a heart. This study goes against clichés and shows that in reality, men want just as much as women to engage and build a solid relationship.