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The Cancer Vaccine That Has Healed 97% Of Tumors In Mice Will Be Tested On Humans Soon

Cancer, the disease that makes us tremble with fear, and that separates us pitilessly and without remorse from the people we love most in ...

Cancer, the disease that makes us tremble with fear, and that separates us pitilessly and without remorse from the people we love most in the world, is one of the worst enemies of humanity. And despite all the efforts of the scientific community to eradicate it, this terrible disease continues to wreak havoc and extinguish the smiles of thousands of people around the world. But this new vaccine that has healed 97% of tumors in mice may change our world as proudly relays the famous American university Stanford.

Since the discovery of cancer, scientists have not stopped moving earth and sky to find an effective remedy against this disease whose prevalence is becoming more and more disturbing. Unfortunately, even if healing methods such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery can overcome some types of cancer, doctors are still powerless against other cancers that end up killing the lives of their victims, but the moment to say goodbye to this horrible disease may have arrived ... Discover this vaccine that has destroyed 97% of mouse tumors, and soon to be tested on humans.

Cancer: Very scary figures.
According to the National Cancer Institute, each year, more than 400,000 people are added to the list of cancer victims, this disease also kills 150,000 French per year, and is among the most morbid diseases in the world. These very alarming figures have led scientists to increase their efforts to identify the real causes of this disease and the means to put in place to eliminate it, and although the work of these specialists have yielded considerable results. and drastically reduce the death rate in cancer patients, we still have a long way to go to completely eradicate this disease, but this new vaccine recently discovered by US researchers, and proven effective against tumors in mice may be the solution that we have been looking for for a long time ... Would it really be effective in humans?

A glimmer of hope for cancer victims:
A study conducted by researchers at Stanford University in the United States has proved the effectiveness of a vaccine based on a type of DNA segments against the proliferation of cancerous tumors. Indeed, the scientists who carried out this study tried their vaccine on several mice with cancer, and found that the latter allowed to cure 97% of their tumors.

According to the authors of the study, this new vaccine would stimulate the immune system, and help it attack more effectively cancer cells and prevent their proliferation. This vaccine has also eliminated lymphomas, and cancers that have spread in several organs of the body of mice in a short time, and without presenting side effects on their health.

Despite all the positive results obtained by this vaccine, the researchers say that the immune mechanisms of humans are not quite similar to those of mice, and that this vaccine might not have the same efficiency, which is why the Stanford for the fight against cancer said that this therapy will be tested on a sample of 35 people to study its side effects, and better understand its mechanisms of action.

We wholeheartedly hope that this new discovery will put an end to cancer, and that all sick people will one day succeed in overcoming their illnesses, and in recovering their smiles erased by pain and suffering.

Do not let cancer kill you silently:
When we hear about cancer, we tend to think that it only happens to others, and that we are far from being concerned by this devastating disease that kills thousands of people around the world. Yet, when you take a closer look at the data from cancer organizations, you quickly realize that this terrible disease spares neither the young nor the old, the poor nor the rich, nor the blacks nor the whites. So please, do regular medical checkups, encourage your loved ones to do the same, and do not be destroyed by the disease.
Cancer Vaccine That Has Healed 97% Of Tumors