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Clean All The Waste From Your Colon With A Delicious Recipe

Clean All The Waste From Your Colon With A Delicious Recipe

In our body, the colon has a very important role and plays a major part in the digestion and absorption of nutrients. This large intestine is also particularly vulnerable to toxins. It is therefore essential to purify it punctually, especially as it contributes to the storage and disposal of faeces.

Indeed, it has a role of filter since it receives the alimentary matter which could not be digested and forms the fecal matter from the dead cells. However, there may be some residues in this organ, which are not eliminated during the evacuation of stool. Hence the usefulness of this home remedy that will restore the digestive balance and also eliminate toxins from your body.

Benefits of ginger
Ginger is a protective food of the gastrointestinal system according to a study. That is why it would have virtues for the prevention of cancer of the digestive organs. Its active ingredients, gingerol and shogaol, act to treat nausea, flatulence, diarrhea and other infections and inflammations of the digestive tract. Major advantage: Ginger helps the absorption and digestion of food, the main role of the colon.

Benefits of lemon
This citrus fruit is full of antioxidants and contains a high level of vitamin C. The lemon, rich in flavonoids, with protective virtues, has a major role to play in the cleansing of the body including the colon. This is proven by the scientists in this detailed study. Lemon also has protective properties of the entire digestive system since thanks to him, the risk of acid reflux and bloating are reduced.

Benefits of the apple
The apple, source of fiber, has many virtues for the intestinal system. In addition to lowering cholesterol levels in the blood, it also has detoxifying properties. A study proves it: the apple is a preventive food against colorectal cancer thanks to its antioxidant effect due to the flavonoids it contains. The risk of cancer in this area of ​​the digestive tract is proportionally inverse to the number of apples consumed per day. Similarly, its phyto-nutrients help protect against the effect of free radicals.

In view of all the benefits of these ingredients, here's how to prepare a natural detoxifying remedy based on apple, ginger and lemon:


- Half a cup of organic apple juice
- A tablespoon of ginger juice
- Two tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice
- Half a teaspoon of sea salt
- Half a cup of filtered water (warm)


- Mix the ingredients in a carafe evenly.


In the morning, drink a glass of this preparation on an empty stomach. Have two drinks after lunch and two drinks in the early evening.

During the day, it is best to drink 5 large glasses or 8 small so that the benefits of the detox are palpable.

The cure is to be taken for a single day. Similarly, ginger and lemon are not recommended if you are pregnant, weak or have blood disorders, gallstones or ulcers.
Clean All The Waste From Your Colon