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Crying Means That You Are Strong

Crying Means That You Are Strong

For some, crying is a form of emotional weakness and fragility. However, crying helps to relieve itself and eliminate stress at the same time. Moreover, influential men like Presidents Obama and George Washington who marked the course of history have been well carried away by the flow of their emotions at one point and have proved instead that crying is a sign of strength mental.

Here are the 7 reasons why crying is a sign of strength, not weakness.

Tears relieve us and put us back on our feet
You should know that crying helps to relieve stress and lower blood pressure and these ailments can be harmful to your health. Similarly, crying allows our digestion to return to normal, our body to relax and our emotions to free themselves. Indeed, these last, when they remain repressed can generate psychosomatic diseases.

Tears are good for our health
Crying releases stress hormones and strengthens our immune system. For this purpose, tears even contain painkillers that bring calm and relaxation to the body.

Tears can get rid of some toxic products
According to Serendip Studio, when we sweat or cry, we secrete chemicals associated with stress that weakens our immune system.

Tears are a proof of vulnerability
For fear of revealing their vulnerability, some people repress their feelings in order to convey a better image of themselves, giving the impression of being strong, able to handle all situations with composure. As a result, they seem cold, unable to show the slightest emotion on their faces. While interpersonal relationships require some transparency in feelings. Indeed, people are always attracted to sensitive people with whom they can identify. People who admit that they are not perfect and that they are fragile, which will necessarily attract the empathy and sympathy of others.

Tears reduce depression
Crying helps to release negative energy and internally repressed emotions and maintain our emotional balance by avoiding the ups and downs of mood and peaks of depression. Crying is a way of managing one's mental health and can be considered as a therapy.

Tears help to mourn
William Shakespeare said: "Crying is to make sorrow less profound". Losing a loved one is the worst pain we can experience and only by crying and surrounding ourselves with loved ones can we relieve ourselves of the burden of this suffering. Often some people try to be strong and hold back their tears to preserve others but this is not the best thing to do. You have to think of yourself in these trying moments, let go of all the tensions and let yourself go so you can bounce back stronger.

Tears help us get rid of oppression
Life becomes too hard at times and without knowing it, we feel a certain oppression that we can not explain. It would be good then to launch a cry or a howl and why not cause crying to relieve itself. Thus we will be able to feel new energy, accompanied by more constructive ideas about how we manage the emotional situation we are dealing with.

Paul Chernyak, a licensed professional adviser in Chicago, mentioned in an article published in wiki How, that crying is not in any way a sign of weakness but rather a way of dealing with one's emotions so that everything becomes clear again with more lucid thoughts. Also, it would be essential to accept crying, giving free rein to tears and even using techniques to cause tears. To do this, why not watch a romantic film with a sad ending that can be a way to arouse emotions or listen to melancholic music or confide in a close friend and cry on his shoulders.

Know that crying is good for your health and well-being, so do not be ashamed to free yourself or to expose your sensitivity which will reveal your human side and this will be your strength.
Crying Means That You Are Strong