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Two Dates A Day To Treat Anemia, Improve Eyesight, Lose Weight And Much More

Two Dates A Day To Treat Anemia, Improve Eyesight, Lose Weight And Much More

Dates have many beneficial properties for the body. Rich in fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins and antioxidants, they can be useful for many organs. That is, a daily consumption of 2 to 3 dates can help you prevent several diseases. Zoom on the 8 benefits of this desert fruit.

Did you know that dates are highly recommended for sports activities? Because of their high carbohydrate content, they are perfect for offsetting calories burned during exercise. Their interesting rate of dietary fiber makes them foods that promote digestion and regularity of transit. Their consumption on a daily basis can be very beneficial for our body. Here are their benefits:

1- They improve digestion and treat intestinal disorders:
Dates are composed of 57% insoluble fiber and 43% soluble fiber, which have a laxative effect and are very effective for the prevention of constipation. To evacuate the stool, the fruit retains the available water in the colon to increase the volume and weight of feces. Dates are also effective against diarrhea because of their potassium intake. According to this study, dates would be very effective for the digestion of glucose and fructose.

Dates also contain trace elements that prevent cancerous diseases, which is why intestinal cancers are rare in countries that consume a lot of this food.

2- They reduce high blood pressure and are good for the heart:
These fruits reduce the risk of stroke through their contribution to the dilation of blood vessels and their magnesium content. Dates are also full of potassium that helps reduce and regulate blood pressure. According to scientists, fruits would be recommended in the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease. In juice, they allow a reduction of lipid accumulation and boost energy.

3- They treat anemia:
For people who suffer from anemia, the date is the ideal fruit. Rich in iron, they contribute to the production of red blood cells. This mineral also transports oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body's cells. It is also essential to the health and development of the brain.

During pregnancy or menstrual periods, it is recommended to consume foods rich in iron such as dates, red beans or chocolate.

4- They improve the capacities of the brain
In case of examination or maintenance, turn to dates. Rich in phosphorus and vitamin B6, they allow the brain to work better. The fruits also help to stimulate the intellectual capacities and to develop the memory thanks to their interesting nutritive contributions.

5- They are good for the health of the eyes
The zeanxanthine and luthein present in dates are highly recommended for eye health. Thanks to their contribution of vitamin A1, the dates improve the view by contributing to the regeneration of the cornea. Lutein helps protect the eye from external damage (blue and ultraviolet light) and prevents aging.

6- They increase the libido:
To increase desire, nothing like a regular consumption of dates. They are sources of amino acids, which are known for their effectiveness on the libido of men and allow to increase endurance.

7- They facilitate weight loss
Dates can be a slimming ally. They are very low in calories, 23 kcal for an average date, but consist mainly of carbohydrates. Dates have a feeling of fullness and can be an interesting fuel during intense physical activity or intellectual activity.

8- They relieve pain
Dates have analgesic properties. Their richness in magnesium and their antibacterial properties make the fruit an ideal remedy for soothing pains and infections. The manganese, selenium and copper contained in the dates are essential elements for the health of the bones.