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Drink Lemon Water Every Day, But Do Not Make The Same Mistake As Millions Of People

Drink Lemon Water Every Day, But Do Not Make The Same Mistake As Millions Of People

Lemon water has incredible effects on health and can be consumed during the day. However, if taken in the morning on an empty stomach, it allows the body to get rid of toxins and regulate metabolism. It is an easy-to-prepare tonic that provides hydration and energy throughout the day. But do you know the best way to prepare it?

According to experts, starting the day with a glass of lemon water in the morning is the best way to reinvigorate your body with antioxidants and minerals and vitamins it contains. But what is interesting to know is that the lemon zest is a mine of benefits since it contains more vitamins than the lemon juice itself, including vitamin C which eliminates toxins from the body, provided of course to use organic lemon.

What are the benefits of lemon zest?

Lemon is full of health benefits. Used in juice or grated to extract the bark, its properties are well established. Its use is useful for both the health of the skin and the detoxification of the body, protecting it from free radicals.

Indeed, this citrus fruit contains vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, C and E which slow down the aging process, promote tissue growth and reduce the risk of developing tumors. It also contains minerals such as zinc, copper, potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, which are needed for muscle, bone and nervous tissue as well as cardiovascular activity.

The lemon peel is the one that contains the most nutrients in a lemon. Thus, among its benefits, we note:

Prevention of hypertension
The citric acid contained in both lemon and zest, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and balance the blood pressure. To this end, a study was developed by Hiroshima University, demonstrated that lemon consumption combined with daily walking sessions is effective in preventing high blood pressure.

Antioxidant intake
Citric acid, as well as antioxidants such as flavonoids, help fight free radicals, a source of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, aging and immune deficiency.

Cholesterol reduction
Using lemon with its zest would help reduce the level of bad cholesterol. This has been corroborated by Build Healthy Body, which states that vitamin C, contained in lemon juice and in its zest allows the body to get rid of high cholesterol. In addition, a study published on NCBI has shown that lemon peel is effective in reducing plasma and liver cholesterol in the hamster, thanks to pectin which is one of the compounds of the peel of lemon.

Bone reinforcement
In addition to the vitamin C it contains, the lemon zest is rich in calcium and helps prevent bone diseases such as arthritis, fractures or osteoporosis.

Weight loss
The ability of lemon and peel to detoxify the body helps to facilitate weight loss. Its rich pectin helps the body not to absorb sugar and store it in the body as fat. In addition, lemon polyphenols, which are mentioned in the study published on NCBI, make it possible to suppress excess body weight and body fat accumulation.

How to use lemon peel?

There are many ways to use lemon zest to benefit from its benefits.

Lemon water recipe


- 1 organic lemon squeezed
- 1 sliced ​​organic lemon
- Zest of two organic lemons
- 4 glasses of warm water

In the glass of water, add the lemon juice, the slices of lemon and the zest.

Mix everything together and drink a glass of this drink on an empty stomach.

Other tips

- Just freeze a lemon for 4 or 5 hours. Thus, it will be easier to grate and you can use the zest as a complement to add to your favorite foods.

- Put a bowl of lemon zest in the refrigerator to absorb odors.

In case of gastritis, the citric acid of the lemon can stimulate the secretion of gastric juice; It is therefore not recommended for people who have gastroesophageal reflux and who suffer from stomach ulcers, kidney or biliary disorders.
Drink Lemon Water Every Day, But Do Not Make The Same Mistake As Millions Of People