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Forget The Lemon In Hot Water! Here Are 3 Drinks That Eliminate Fat Approved By Scientists

Forget The Lemon In Hot Water! Here Are 3 Drinks That Eliminate Fat Approved By Scientists

The most popular drink for weight loss is lemon water, but it is not the only one because there are many others. When used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle change, some drinks such as green tea, coffee or black tea are extremely effective in promoting weight loss.

The secret to weight loss drinks is their ability to boost metabolism, reduce hunger and increase satiety, which can help weight loss. In addition, these drinks contain beneficial nutrients such as antioxidants and other powerful compounds that can be beneficial to your health.

The top 3 effective drinks for weight loss

1. Green tea
Not only does it contain beneficial antioxidants and other powerful nutrients, but many researches have proven that it is one of the most effective drinks to lose weight.

A review of 14 studies found that people who drank green tea at high levels for 12 weeks lost on average 0.2 to 3.5 kilograms more than those who did not drink green tea. It should be noted that this benefit is related to green tea preparations that contain large amounts of catechins, antioxidants that can increase fat burning and stimulate metabolism.

It is good to know that matcha, a type of green tea, contains more catechins than green leaf tea, making it a good choice for weight loss. One study found that women who consumed 3 grams of Matcha a day burned more fat during exercise than women who did not drink.

In addition, green tea contains caffeine, which can help promote weight loss by boosting energy levels and improving performance while exercising.

2. The coffee
The coffee contains caffeine, a substance known to increase energy levels and improve mood, but this drink also stimulates metabolism, promotes fat burning and helps to lose weight, according to several researches.

A study of 33 overweight adults found that those who drank coffee containing 6 milligrams of caffeine per kilogram of body weight consumed significantly fewer calories in general than those who drank less or no caffeine.

In addition, a study of over 2,600 people found that those who managed to maintain weight loss over time drank a lot more caffeinated beverages than a control group.

3. Black tea
Black tea is a type of tea that has undergone more oxidation (exposure to air) than other types of teas, this method gives it a stronger flavor and a darker color.

Black tea is rich in polyphenols, including a group of polyphenolic compounds called flavonoids. Polyphenols are powerful antioxidants that can help reduce body weight.

Thus, studies have shown that polyphenols in black tea promote weight loss by reducing caloric intake, stimulating fat breakdown and stimulating the growth of good intestinal bacteria.

Similarly, another study of 111 people showed that those who drank three cups of black tea a day for three months lost more weight and had a greater reduction in waist circumference compared to a control group.

Now that you have discovered these wonderful drinks, do not forget to replace your high-calorie beverages such as sodas and juices with the drinks listed above. It's a smart way to reduce calories and help you reach your weight loss goals.
Eliminate Fat Approved By Scientists