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The Friendship Between Women Is A Natural Medicine Against Stress

The Friendship Between Women Is A Natural Medicine Against Stress

Friends are people we love and want to be good. They share our values, support us and raise us up. With them, existence is easier and more enjoyable. The friendship between women is an invaluable treasure through which we feel understood, valued, encouraged and protected against the hazards of life and the stress of everyday life.

How could a woman live in solitude, with no one to confide her joys, her sorrows and the secrets of her heart? Without a friend by her side, the worries of life are quickly transformed into insurmountable mountains in which a woman feels easily deprived.

A friend is a gift from heaven. She is always there to comfort us and support us in difficult times. She advises us, accompanies us and encourages us on a daily basis.

Friends are very special, they are our refuge and surround us with their affection

Friendships between women have something unique and special. More than friendships between men, they offer women the precious feeling of genuine understanding and deep connection.

The friends really listen to us and they are endowed with the extraordinary quality that is empathy, which is enough to calm us even when the storm is raging. They share our emotions and our states of mind: with them, we feel understood, loved and pampered.

Friends are a bulwark against stress
The benefits that friends bring also go far beyond that. As neuroscientist Shelley E. Taylor, author of The Tending Instinct, explains, "Women are much more social in their way of dealing with stress" compared to men.

This quality encourages women to surround themselves with their friends under stress, which gives them a feeling of comfort, relieves anxiety and mitigates negative effects of the latter on the body. It also contributes to Shelley E. Taylor's longer life because women's friendship regulates blood pressure, strengthens the immune system and promotes healing while preventing many disorders such as heart disease.

The effects of a hormone: oxytocin
Oxytocin is the hormone of trust and attachment, one that encourages care and attention to others. In women, its concentration increases on various occasions such as after delivery, during breastfeeding or during difficult times.

However, studies have shown that in times of stress, women feel a greater need to nurture close and deep bonds with other women, empathy and mutual understanding that helps them to put their lives in perspective. problems, to appease their fears and thanks to which they are comforted.

On the other hand, many scientific studies tend to show that social support can reduce stress and its symptoms, which include elevated heart rate, increased blood pressure, and the creation of fertile ground. the appearance and development of diseases.

Friends are precious gifts, take care of them
Having close friends and seeing them regularly lowers women's stress levels and gives them an incredible sense of comfort and appeasement.

Connections with other women protect them from all the many negative consequences of stress on their health and allow them to live longer and healthier lives.

Our friendships are priceless. They are havens of serenity and peace to which we would benefit from special care.
The Friendship Between Women Is A Natural Medicine Against Stress