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This Granny Offers Her Best Advice For Never Having Regrets

This Granny Offers Her Best Advice For Never Having Regrets

Nowadays, life is more stressful than before, it's a fact. She is so very so that half of women feel stressed. They are also close to 40% to say they are on the verge of burnout. Such figures are not surprising: it seems that for women, everyday life is an endless list of concerns, things to do, responsibilities to take on, schedules to keep and things to remember, and not enough time to fit everything.

As we age, we all have regrets about things we would have wanted to accomplish and dreams we did not realize.

To the question of knowing what we will regret the most once become old, there is nothing like leaving the word to those who are already old, and that to apply their advice, if they are wise.

"If I was still a young woman ..."
Women who are no longer young are asked what they would do if they were still 20 years old, to highlight any regrets they may have about what they did or did not do in their lives. youth. The regrets we get as we age are excellent indicators of what we consider to be the most important in life. As we age, we tend to focus on the really important things.

Here are the answers from five older women and what they would do if they were still young women:

"What would I not give for a second more to cuddle my babies before they get too big for me to wear. "

"If I still had my time, I would not make a list of things to do, I would make a list of things not to do. "

"What would I not give to extend the kisses to the children to wish them good night instead of complaining because I have to get up early the next morning. "

"I would take the time to devote myself to things that I now understand to be really important. "

"Believe me, if I were a young woman now, I would spend more time being, not doing. "

Let's stop running in all directions
Polls reveal that almost seven out of ten women are under pressure to be perfect women. A perfect woman is perfect in all areas of life: she is a perfect mother, a perfect wife, a perfect friend, a perfect employee ...

This quest for perfection drives them to impose almost infinite lists of things to do, so they get lost and do not even have time to think or even stop for a moment to blow.

They miss out on what is really important in life.

Let's stop wanting to do more, and do better.

Let's stop, take a deep breath and think about what's really important to us. Re-evaluate our goals and aspirations and take advantage of the present moment.

From time to time, let's stop and relax and step back to focus on what's really important.

For older women surveyed, the most important thing is to be 100% present in what we do and when we do it. It is to be completely invested. So, taking the time to do the things that really matter, and doing them well.
This Granny Offers Her Best Advice For Never Having Regrets