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How To Use Lemon And Coconut Oil To Delay The Appearance Of Gray Hair

How To Use Lemon And Coconut Oil To Delay The Appearance Of Gray Hair

Having gray hair can be very glamorous, but many prefer to keep a neutral color and eliminate any sign of old age. For this, hair products are used all the less and are unfortunately very harmful for the scalp, and also for health! Discover a simple grandmother product to prepare and effective to delay the absence of melanin in the hair.

Signs of age are not always welcome. We never have enough of the freshness of youth and hope to keep at least a juvenile look for a long time.

Nevertheless, gray hair can appear at any age, depending on the individual. Its exact term is canitie. This happens when the cells responsible for the presence of melanin in the hair stop producing it, so we end up with a silver undertone added to our mane.

We tend to believe that this is only a sign of old age, but its precipitation is caused by several factors: Hypo / Hyperthyroidism, hormonal disruption, poor diet, radiation, chemotherapy, chemicals, stress or even simple genetics! However, even though dyes mask graying hair, they nevertheless contain components such as MEA cocamide, Oleth-20, tetrasodium EDTA, ethoxydiglycol and PEG that are mutagenic and potentially carcinogenic.

To delay the appearance of white hair without any danger, and save money in addition, just follow the following preparation:

You will only need coconut oil and lemon!

Good to know :

The color of the hair is due to the pigment cells generally present in the hair follicles. With age, these cells diminish thereby causing gray hair. The cure of coconut oil mixed with lemon helps protect the pigment cells and prevent the growth of gray hair.

Benefits of lemon

Lemon is a powerful antioxidant and contains vital nutrients important for restoring health and revitalizing the entire human body system. Rich in vitamin C, lemon has antiseptic, antiviral and antibiotic properties.

This lemon citrus also contains a good amount of potassium, calcium, phosphorus and is a source of a small amount of iron, copper, magnesium and vitamin A and B. Also, by this source of vitamins it remains a strengthening hair follicles to treat gray hair.

Benefits of coconut oil

Rich in essential fatty acids and myristic acid, coconut oil, also called coconut oil, has moisturizing, nourishing, anti-aging, restorative and softening properties. In the same way, the lauric acid that it contains has a strong affinity with the proteins of the hair and can invert the original color. In addition, coconut oil is rich in carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins, beneficial to bring strength to the hair.


• 3 soft spoons of lemon juice
• Coconut oil


1. Place a handful of coconut oil in a bowl and add the 3 tablespoons lemon juice.

2. Mix gently and ensure that the amount of coconut oil is sufficient for the entire hair.

3. Apply the mixture starting with the root. Massage the scalp to allow absorption of the product, then leave on for 1 hour.

4. Rinse hair and wash with the usual shampoo.

5. Repeat this procedure once a week.

The combination of lemon and coconut oil, both rich in vitamins and beneficial compounds, promotes hair regeneration and keeps your hair healthy and protected. Using this natural product will help you retain the nutrients you need to keep your hair intact for as long as possible.

If you apply coconut oil and lemon regularly, you can enjoy your natural color by removing the signs of age for long, years.

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Lemon And Coconut Oil To Delay The Appearance Of Gray Hair