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It's Proven: Knitting Is Great For Your Health

It's Proven: Knitting Is Great For Your Health

Because of the way of life that the present day imposes on us as well as all the problems of the everyday life, the anxiety, the depression and the chronic pain have become commonplace, and their ravages on our physical and psychological health are no longer to demonstrate. And if you were told that knitting can help you get rid of all these ills? This is what this recent study reveals.

Since we were young, we watched our grandmothers knitting to fight the routine and stress of everyday life, but what many people probably do not know is that knitting is not a a simple hobby that we use to relax and kill boredom. Check out this recent study which states that this manual activity helps to alleviate the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and even chronic pain!

Knitting, an amazing therapy:
A few months ago, an American association called Knit For Peace published a report on the benefits of knitting, and the content is at least that can be said, very surprising! Indeed, the report in question has highlighted that this hobby could help to alleviate the symptoms of depression and anxiety, regulate blood pressure, and even fight against chronic pain.

For the most skeptical of you, note that this study is by no means unique, another study conducted by a team of researchers at the University of British Columbia in Canada found that knitting can help people with certain eating disorders alleviate the symptoms, and reduce the anxiety they suffer. It is not for nothing that our grandmothers swear by this activity as entertaining as beneficial for the physical and psychological health.

What are the tips for dealing with anxiety and depression?

Contrary to what some people might think, anxiety and depression are not benign psychological disorders that can go away overnight, so it's very important to follow some basic tips in order to remedy it, regain its joie de vivre, and be able to blossom at the personal, social and professional level.

- Strange as it may seem, diet is one of the most important things to watch for if you want to fight depression and anxiety while taking care of your body. Adopt a healthy and balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, avoid foods too greasy, too sweet or too salty, and choose foods rich in magnesium such as avocado, almonds, bananas ...

- You can not feel good about yourself if your body is not fit, so try to take regular physical activity that suits your needs and physical abilities.

- To eliminate stress, and promote relaxation and well-being, relaxing activities such as yoga or meditation are your best allies. In addition, you do not need to spend astronomical sums to benefit, because you can practice at home and warm.

- Surround yourself with caring people who love you as you are, and who are ready to listen and support you, you will feel much better.

- Finally, if your depression or anxiety prevents you from doing your normal daily activities, or if you have suicidal thoughts, immediately consult a psychologist or psychiatrist.
Knitting Is Great For Your Health