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Losing A Dog Can Be As Difficult As Losing A Loved One From Studies

Losing A Dog Can Be As Difficult As Losing A Loved One From Studies

Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows how much this pet is not just a pet, but a part of the family. That's why it hurts to lose it one day, having lived with you a long time and shared many things together.

After losing your trusty dog, some people tend to tell you to overcome that because it's just a dog. But as a dog owner, these words are very hurtful because your pet was much more than that for you.

The grief of loss
Science comes to confirm the feeling of sorrow following the loss of a dog. Research shows that the grieving process is real. Not only that, but it has actually been discovered that it can be more difficult to overcome the death of a pet than to lose a human.

According to a study by the University of Central Lancashire, in the United Kingdom, we make connections with our pets in the same way as our links with other people. The same hormones and chemicals are released into our brain, allowing us to feel loved and connected. After years spent with them, these animals are no longer different from other members of the family.

But why would it be harder to lose a pet?

If a loved one dies to you, you can turn to countless resources to manage grief and grief. You can be surrounded by friends and family who try to help you in any way you can.

You can also turn to counseling and therapy, all without any criticism from others, because they know you are going through a difficult time.

However, when your pet dies, you are supposed to live as if nothing has happened. You must go about your business, your social commitments and continue your life without any understanding from the majority of people.

Although the people closest to you know what your pet meant to you, it would be hard for them to really understand how much this can affect you. So without this outside support to cope with the pain, all you have to do is repress all those emotions without really being able to solve them.

Guilt can also be part of it, because with animals, we are often forced to make a difficult choice, for example to end their suffering in case of illness or accident. Although it is a loving option, it does not make it easy to say goodbye.

A change not to be underestimated
According to the psychologist Julie Axelrod, it is not only about losing the animal itself, but also a source of unconditional love and comfort, as well as a companion.

In addition, this loss greatly disrupts the person's daily routine, sometimes much more than the loss of a loved one. Some people may schedule their day around their dog, but when this order is turned upside down, they may feel completely lost.

According to a 2015 study, many mourning pet owners may even mistakenly interpret ambiguous images and sounds as movements and moans of the dead animal. This is very likely to happen shortly after the death of the animal, especially in owners very attached to their animals.

Although the death of a dog is horrible, dog owners who are accustomed to the reassuring presence of their canine companions may possibly have a new pet.

So if you are upset about the loss of your pet, remember that it is quite normal to have your heart broken. He was a member of your family, no matter what people say, and it's quite understandable that your dog still misses you, according to science.
Losing A Dog Can Be As Difficult As Losing A Loved One From Studies