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Ranking Of Astrological Signs From The Most Lucky To The Unlucky In 2019

Ranking Of Astrological Signs From The Most Lucky To The Unlucky In 2019

Luck is not palpable, it's true, but just look around to see that it really exists. When some people turn everything they touch into gold and others are pursued by the bad luck, you quickly understand that on this point, we are really not born equal.

Here is a list of the most lucky and unlucky zodiac signs in 2019.

1) Scorpion
The natives of the scorpion have an extremely mysterious aura that sometimes explains their possessive and secretive behavior. Also, wherever they go, they have this ability to put themselves in the spotlight. Scorpions generally attract bad luck, however, they will be one of the luckiest zodiac signs in 2019, and will get everything they want. This chance combined with their efforts will allow them to be masters of their destiny.

2) Sagittarius
Sagittarians, you can thank the positive influence of Jupiter, planet of fortune and success. Persevering and tenacious, you have the ability to attract success. 2019 will be a year filled with projects and will inspire you to be both cautious and daring.

This year will be a turning point for your professional and sentimental life. Do not give up on the first obstacle and believe in your dreams.

3) Leo
Like the animal that represents them, Lions are known to be tough, determined but also enthusiastic and energetic. Of all the signs of the zodiac, and behind their tenacious appearance, Leos are the most adorable of all. They are charming and give off a positive energy that attracts good waves. Keep your legendary optimism for this new year, and you will get this much deserved success.

4) Pisces 
Governed by Neptune and Jupiter, the fish natives are known to be cerebral. They are detached from others and seek above all to find inner peace. Nevertheless, their kindness allows them to be loved by those around them, and to establish useful links for the success of their personal and professional lives.

5) Virgo
Symbol of grace and femininity, you are meticulous in everything you do. All your actions are governed by pre-established rules. Continue to believe in yourself, this year will be favorable and you will achieve great projects.

6) Aquarius
Aquarius is the most imaginative sign of the zodiac. Native people love their independence and their freedom. Even if you are not fond of changes, it's time to accept them. Because they will undeniably be part of your life. 2019 will be a roller coaster year for you, but your flexibility will allow you to adapt to it and you will succeed in all your endeavors.

7) Capricorn
Serious, ambitious and tenacious, the natives of Capricorn have a visceral need to succeed. It can take days, weeks or months, whatever, the main thing for them is to get there. They always end up finding good fortune and prosperity. Call it luck or ambition, but the Capricorns are masters of their destiny.

8) Taurus 
Taurus is the second sign of spring. He is reliable, tenacious, patient, loyal and persevering but loves to indulge in guilty pleasures. He is jealous, positive and he tends to attract luck. His judgment and perseverance make him a formidable investor.

9) Balance
These natives are the symbol of balance, solidity, stability and regularity. No one doubts that they do not really need luck to be with them. They have their heads on their shoulders, and are very far-sighted. For you, the year 2019 will be full of good surprises, you will never forget that nothing happens without reason.

10) Aries
First sign of the zodiac, you are at the bottom of the list in terms of luck. Full of zeal, you think a little too much and try to control the smallest detail of your life. Let go, you will see that good things can wait for you along the way.

11) Gemini
Governed by the planet Venus, Gemini is a sign of air just like Libra and Aquarius. Very intellectual, you are fervent believers of the strength of the spirit. With you, nothing is left to chance, if you succeed something, it is never luck.

12) Cancer
If you do not attract luck, it's simply because you have a hard time believing it. Also, your life is punctuated by logic, and for you, success usually rhymes with hard work. Nevertheless, you tend to forget that to succeed, the "luck" factor is not insignificant.
Ranking Of Astrological Signs From The Most Lucky To The Unlucky In 2019