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Mix Garlic And Milk, It's An Excellent Treatment For Pneumonia, Asthma, Heart Problems, Tuberculosis, Osteoarthritis And Many Other Diseases

Mix Garlic And Milk, It's An Excellent Treatment For Pneumonia, Asthma, Heart Problems, Tuberculosis, Osteoarthritis And Many Other Diseases

In cold weather, bronchitis, asthma attacks, and breathing problems become commonplace. And while some industrial drugs may help alleviate the symptoms of these diseases, they have significant side effects that can be avoided by going to nature. Here is a garlic milk recipe that will fight against diseases, and give you all the energy and tone you need to face the cold.

Climate change, poor food hygiene, and the consumption of certain harmful substances such as nicotine or food additives are all things that weaken our body, and make us sensitive to the most benign health problems. For this reason, it is very important to strengthen your immune system with natural and safe ingredients. Try this garlic-and-milk recipe to fight against pneumonia, asthma, osteoarthritis, and a host of other diseases.

An easy and fast recipe for fighting diseases:
It is well known that winter is the season when all of our diseases come up again, and where we become more likely to catch infections and viruses that have a heavy impact on our body. And what better way to improve your health, and be in great shape than using remedies kindly offered by nature? Ready to prepare a magic drink to fight against diseases, and boost your energy? Here are the ingredients you will need:

- 50 cl of goat's milk (replace with vegetable milk if you wish)
- 10 cloves of garlic bio finely chopped.
- 2 teaspoons of pure organic honey.
- 25 cl of filtered water.


- In a saucepan, pour the milk and water.
- Add the garlic cloves, and bring the mixture to a boil.
- Leave on the heat until your mixture starts to evaporate, it must have lost at least half of its volume.
- Remove the pan from the heat and let cool your drink.
- Add the honey and continue to mix
- Drink this drink 30 minutes before going to bed.

Garlic: A miraculous ingredient with a thousand benefits:
As you already know, garlic is one of the most used ingredients in cooking, it brings an exceptional and incomparable flavor to our dishes without making us take a single extra kilogram, which is why this food is used in almost every country in the world. But did you know that it can also help you improve your health and fight diseases?

Indeed, garlic can be a real ally for people who want to take care of their health without resorting to industrial drugs stuffed with dangerous substances and very harmful to the body. The latter contains a panoply of vitamins and minerals that make it a real remedy against several types of diseases as different as each other:

- Thanks to its excellent anti-inflammatory power, garlic is able to alleviate the symptoms of asthma, pneumonia, and even osteoarthritis.

- Garlic can also fight against cardiovascular diseases by reducing the rate of bad cholesterol and regulating blood pressure.

- Thanks to its high content of antioxidants, garlic strengthens the body's immune defenses, and fights against skin aging, and a whole lot of diseases related to the immune system.

Caution: Pregnant or breastfeeding women, children and those with porphyria or who are on special medical treatment should seek medical advice before trying this recipe. In case of anticoagulant treatment, it is strongly advised to avoid consuming garlic since it is a natural anticoagulant. If you have just had surgery, do not take it either.
Mix Garlic And Milk