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It's Proven ! Naked Walking Home Is Actually Good For You

It's Proven ! Naked Walking Home Is Actually Good For You

There is a major difference between the way others see us and our perception of ourselves. Indeed, unlike the other, the image we see of our body is imprinted with feelings, memories but also judgments we have faced.

Much more than just a reflection in the mirror, self-perception is at the same time a mixture of sensations, fantasies and emotions. Thus, the fact that we feel good or not will act directly on the vision we have of ourselves and the image we give to others. However, an erroneous self-perception inevitably causes complexities, which can taint our morale and become disabling on a daily basis, sometimes to the point of falling into depression.

That's why psychologists and researchers have looked into ways to be satisfied with one's body image, especially through naturist activities based on recent research.

Naturism, good for morale?
In a study based on an online questionnaire conducted with 24 naturists and after questioning about 100 participants in a naturist event, Dr. Keon West discovered that naturist activities have a positive effect on body image, esteem of self and general satisfaction. The results showed that being naked promotes a good image and self-esteem, which improves the quality of life and morale. Moreover, and still according to the study in question, the nudity of the other and the fact of seeing it would also have a positive effect, even more than the mere fact of being naked. Naturism, from all angles, would therefore be a favorable track for personal development, although more detailed research can be expected to discover the extent of the benefits of naturism according to Dr. West.

Naturism, a particular way of life
Indeed, naturism is a particular way of life with advantages but also disadvantages because it is not necessarily suitable for everyone.

The purists of this practice explain that it is a philosophy of life, to achieve physical and mental well-being. This philosophy is made of human values ​​including tolerance, respect for oneself and others. Similarly, nudity in common would promote exchange and reduce socio-economic barriers as well as the social limitations of a disability. The other is accepted as it is, without artifice and / or judgments. Moreover, it seems that naturism promotes self-acceptance in adulthood when it is practiced during childhood. This is why many people, including families with children, take part in naturist activities, especially during the holidays.

However, in adulthood or during childhood, naturism is not experienced by everyone in the same way and it can be a vector of suffering, since it is an imposed choice and not a will. This is explained by the author of a testimony, published by the magazine Psychologies. This last tells the holidays he spent in a naturist campsite, a choice decided by his parents. He explains that during childhood, it was not a problem, but that from adolescence, towards his 14-15 years, he had difficulties to practice nudist activities. First of all, because he had always had to keep the secret of this practice, so as not to tarnish the reputation of his parents and to protect himself from the potential mockery of his comrades. But also, because his body was evolving and his masculine attractions had become a source of complexes. Adolescence is a period of development, both physical and psychic and questioning. Similarly, it is during this phase between childhood and adulthood, when hormonal activity is intense and takes on a more concrete character. This impacts the perception of one's own body and the ability to put the judgment of the other in perspective according to our own feelings. Thus, since the sensibility and the retreat of a person are not the same during adolescence, to practice naturist activities at the time of such a disruption, it is to take the risk to face complex, as the lived this gentleman.

After a while and after personal work and personal events, he finally managed to accept himself as he is and to find pleasure in nudity, solo or shared. However, he does not wish to impose his own nudity on his children and he prefers to leave them the choice as to the desire, or not, to practice naturism because according to him: "We are naked in the mirror that tends us the look at each other ".
Naked Walking Home Is Actually Good For You