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This Is The Native American Version Of Your Zodiac Sign And That's Not What You Think

This Is The Native American Version Of Your Zodiac Sign And That's Not What You Think

Native American Version Of Your Zodiac Sign And That's Not What You Think

For Amerindian peoples, man is bound to nature. As a result, animals have a large metaphorical and spiritual sense and propagate great wisdom. According to Native American astrology, from birth, a protective animal is assigned to each person. These totem animals have characteristics and reveal the personality traits of each person. To discover your animal totem, here is an interpretation of each animal of the Native American zodiac and the characteristics of each one.

1. The otter
Original and intriguing, the otter is difficult to define. This animal sees things differently, is overflowing with imagination and is very intelligent, which gives it a great advantage. Insightful and intuitive, the otter can be a good company because it pays a lot of attention to those around you.

The otter is compatible with the sign of raven, hawk and deer.

2. The wolf
Passion and emotion are two traits that characterize wolves. They are very sensitive and very passionate because the wolf is the most romantic sign of the zodiac. This Native American sign feels the emotional needs of those around her and is ready to fully fill them.

The wolf is compatible with the signs of the woodpecker, the bear and the snake.

3. The Falcon
Quick wit, the falcon is a born leader. He knows how to make the right decisions even during the most complicated situations. Very good in team sports, the hawk will always grab the best opportunities.

The falcon is compatible with the signs of salmon and owl.

4. Beaver
The motto, without a doubt, beaver: take charge and adapt to overcome any obstacle in its path. The beaver conducts all his projects with a master hand. His wit and mental acumen make him a very tough, faithful, generous and compassionate animal.

The beaver is compatible with the signs of the green woodpecker, the bear and the goose.

5. The deer
This totem animal is very creative, inspiring and spiritual. The deer has a great sense of humor. Very communicative and sociable, this sign is full of joie de vivre.

The deer is compatible with raven and otter.

6. The Woodpecker
The people born under this sign are very empathetic and understanding. The woodpecker is the companion to have by his side and which you certainly need most.

This sign is compatible with the snake, the wolf and the beaver.

7. Salmon
Because of their enthusiasm, salmon are very intuitive, very energetic, confident and love to motivate others. In addition, their positivity is contagious!

Salmon is compatible with the owl and hawk sign.

8. The bear
Pragmatic and methodical, the bear is the person to call when you need help. He is also very generous but tends to be very modest and slightly shy.

The bear is compatible with goose and beaver.

9. The raven
Very enthusiastic and entrepreneurial by nature, the raven is a very big charmer. He is very idealistic and very skilled when it comes to developing strategies.

The crow is compatible with the sign of the otter and the deer.

10.The snake
The majority of shamans are born under the sign of the serpent because it is the animal totem of those who are dedicated to the spirit world. Also known for its healing and healing abilities, the snake is an excellent spiritual leader.

The snake is compatible with the sign of the woodpecker and the wolf.

11.The owl
Changing and free like air, the owl can adapt quickly and easily to any situation. She is easygoing, sociableand loves adventure.

The owl is compatible with the sign of salmon and hawk.

Persevering and ambitious, this animal totem sets goals and always succeeds in accomplishing them. Possessing a strong character, the goose always succeeds what she undertakes.

The goose is compatible with the following signs: beaver, bear and raven.