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Everyone Needs To Know These 3 Things About Women Who Have A Caesarean Section

Everyone Needs To Know These 3 Things About Women Who Have A Caesarean Section

Sometimes, one tends to minimize the impact of cesarean section by estimating that vaginal delivery is more painful. However, cesarean section is also "dangerous" for the woman. This surgery is full of mysteries even if it is now practiced by the majority as reported by our colleagues in the newspaper Self. The veil is lifted on the caesarean section in three points.

You must wear this scar with pride. Motherhood is the most difficult and rewarding time a woman can go through. Caesarean section is far from easy. In choosing the surgery, the expectant mother is exposed to several risks and must overcome the pain and the danger that comes with it. Here are 3 things you must know about cesarean section.

1- Several risks inherent to the surgery 
Women who choose this method of delivery must show strength and courage, because they have to put in a lot of effort that only a mother can cope with so much heroism. Like most surgeries, Caesarean section is at risk for both the child and the mother. Also the dangers are shared. In addition, another disadvantage arises and concerns the family members, especially the father, who can not be a witness because he can not be present in the operating room. The future mothers will have to face this birth alone, without moral support or support. This causes real uncertainty for the woman who is not surrounded. The woman giving birth by caesarean gives a beautiful proof of love for her child.

2- Risks incurred after birth
Unlike women who give birth vaginally, those who choose Caesarean do not know if everything is fine until they have left the operating room. For women who give birth naturally, there are no complications or risks to health. Doctors are only able to tell if surgery has been successful when the effects of anesthesia dissipate.

These worries lead to a fact that few people know: expectant mothers are conscious during the surgery. They do not feel the pain of childbirth but they are able to feel every movement that occurs during the procedure. This sensation can be unpleasant and invasive for the future mother. This requires psychological preparation but despite the discomfort caused by surgery procedures, the woman undergoes them so that the child is safe.

3- Postoperative convalescence
If the caesarean section carries its share of sorrows and anxieties, the postoperative period is not left behind. Regardless of the mode of delivery, the mother's life revolves around her infant. Left to sacrifice her own well-being, the new mother is busy satisfying the newborn's needs. This is the case for all mothers, but those who have had a cesarean delivery have to deal with another parameter: postoperative pain. This is persistent weeks after childbirth. But despite this discomfort, this experience makes her stronger. The steps that Mom goes through are then facilitated by the joys and the moments of grace of motherhood.

No matter how difficult mothers with caesarean section scars face, they show courage and self-sacrifice. All the special moments with their baby, each layer changed is a moment of joy for moms. Each scar is a memory of battle and joy for their child. This mark should be worn with pride and must be assumed as the result of a good test.

How to recover from a cesarean section?
According to Doctissimo, back home after a caesarean section, it is essential to be cautious not to have complications, particularly in terms of healing of the wound. Here are some tips to follow:

· Do not wear heavy objects and especially to rest and take a nap a day.

· Request the presence of a loved one, especially the first days of your convalescence, so that he can provide you with the necessary help.

· When the wound begins to heal, you can massage it daily with sweet almond oil or apply poultices to your lower abdomen to ensure a discreet healing.

· Do not expose the caesarean section scar to the sun for a year.
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