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Nostradamus Made 3 Ominous Prophecies For The Year 2019 That We Could Soon See Come True

Nostradamus Made 3 Ominous Prophecies For The Year 2019 That We Could Soon See Come True

Michel de Notre-Dame, better known as "Nostradamus" has become an emblematic figure of clairvoyance in Europe since the 16th century. For apart from his brilliant career as a physician and astrologer, his tendency to predict future events is what has attracted most people's attention to him. He was even very close to the aristocracy of his era, who used his services to know more about the future.

You probably have already heard of Nostradamus' prophecies and the degree of precision and accuracy that they can achieve, knowing that despite his science, a man of the 16th is normally supposed to have access to all this information, something that reinforces more the fascination that many feel towards this character still today and the mystery that surrounds it for centuries. But what did he predict for the year 2019?

Predictions that have remained in the annals
All those who believe in the authenticity of his prophecies think by way of example that the famous French diviner predicted the rise to power of Adolf Hitler, the death of the King of France Henry II in 1559 or the great fire that took place in London in 1666. Some conspiracy theorists even think that Nostradamus spoke of a whole host of cataclysmic events that would paralyze the planet and change the course of history forever. Numerous analyzes have therefore led to the fact that he had predicted the outbreak of World War III, the collapse of the Western world and even a shower of asteroids.

And since none of these events have occurred yet, the conspiracists now believe that 2019 could very possibly be the year they occur.

Some examples of events potentially related to 2019 according to certain forecasts

The outbreak of the 3rd World War
A quatrain written by Nostradamus in 1555 would describe the description of a major world conflict. Here is the passage:

"By two francs hault, by two foixes set low,

The East also the West will weaken,

His opponent after several fights by sea hunts the need will fail. "

A fall of astroids that would cause a lot of damage
After the destruction and horrors of the third world war that ravaged our planet, humanity should apparently expect to suffer a major asteroid crash, the incident will happen simultaneously with other major problems such as war nuclear or natural disasters.

A video of the channel where some quatrains of Nostradamus were interpreted says: "A period of blatant violence will coincide with the appearance of a comet in the sky" and also nuclear terrorism and successive natural disasters will ravage our planet. "

Climate change will change life on earth forever 
According to some interpretations, we should continue to witness an increase in temperature, the melting of glaciers and the formation of multiple hurricanes during the year 2019. Thus, Nostradamus reportedly said:

"We will see the waters rise and the waters collapse beneath them."

The disastrous consequences of climate change will apparently lead to more wars and conflicts when humans start competing for resources, which would also lead to large-scale migration.

The famous prophet also spoke of "devastating wars", it could be a reference to the nations that will come into conflict following the depletion of vital resources of the planet.

People would become able to talk to animals
According to the Youtube Channel "Unxplained Mysteries", Nostradamus predicted that animals and humans would make unique connections in the future.

A video analyzing the quatrains of Nostradamus says: "Among the things that attract attention and that Nostradamus has revealed that people will be more than ever close to animals and that they will be able to talk to them. He said that humans will be closer to animals than their peers:

"When the animal to the domestic man,

After big sentences and jumps will come talk. "

True or false ? This is the question we ask ourselves about these predictions, but what remains certain is that the passions aroused by the mystery surrounding these quatrains are numerous and that only the future is able to confirm us or not, the veracity of these writings!