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It's Now Possible To Detect Cancer In 10 Minutes

No need to perform a battery of long and tedious analyzes, now it's a matter of 10 minutes as reported by our colleagues FoxNews A sim...

No need to perform a battery of long and tedious analyzes, now it's a matter of 10 minutes as reported by our colleagues FoxNews A simple blood test is, according to scientists, able to detect cancer. Thus, early discovery of the disease may leave more time for treatment.

This blood test could detect the disease years before the cancer develops. This analysis detects small pieces of DNA floating in the vessels, an obvious sign of tumors. According to Professor Matt Trau, from the University of Queensland (Australia), this would be the "holy grail" of cancer tests. With a 99% efficacy rate, it is more effective than MRI, which tends not to detect small tumors and often makes a diagnosis too late. The researchers published this study in the journal Nature Communication. Functioning of the test: exploit the differences between the DNA, the good ones and the cancer cells for a quick diagnosis. The researchers found that the genome of the cancer cells was sterile unless there were methyl groups at specific locations.

Advances in technology have enabled rapid and inexpensive detection, a smartphone can even be used for this kind of diagnosis. "It works for tissue-derived genomic DNA and blood-derived free-flowing DNA," Matt Trau said. As this type of testing is not yet fully developed, it will still be years before it can be established in medical facilities. "

Good news for many cancer patients. In 2018, there are 17 million new cases that are estimated in the world and they are 8.8 million according to the figures of the World Health Organization (WHO) not to have survived in 2015.

Before detection, there are other ways to prevent its occurrence, here are scientifically proven tips to prevent this disease.

No smoking
Smoking could cause different types of cancer. Lungs, mouth, throat, larynx or pancreas, just as many organs vulnerable to this disease. Passive smoking would also be involved.

Quitting smoking is a decisive action in the fight against cancer. Please consult your doctor for advice.

A healthy diet
Avoiding this disease involves a varied and balanced diet. Although it does not fully guarantee prevention, it still reduces the risk. Studies show that eating a large amount of fruits and vegetables is advisable to avoid the risk of tumors. Habits have to be restricted: alcohol and processed meats.

Healthy lifestyle
Maintaining a healthy weight and getting enough exercise is strongly advised. According to the British Cancer Research Center, obesity is the biggest cause of illness behind tobacco. Sufficient exercise, 30 minutes a day, can help you lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Protect yourself from the sun
An optimal protection against UV rays is necessary for the prevention of several types of cancers, For this, it is useful to be protected from the midday sun, not to ignore the sunscreen and to avoid the UV cabins .

To be vaccinated
It is essential to be vaccinated against certain viral infections. Hepatitis B, for example, may increase the risk of liver cancer.

Vaccinating against the human papillomavirus is a wise choice to avoid cancerous genital conditions.

Avoid risky behavior
Protecting yourself from other infections may be the best way to avoid exposure to cancer. Using ways to protect yourself from transmitted infections is strongly recommended. People affected by these diseases have higher risks of getting cancer of the anus, throat or vagina.

Do not use a used syringe is also a way to protect against hepatitis C which is a risk factor for liver cancer.

Consult your doctor
Performing tests and consulting your doctor regularly are some of the things you can do to prevent potential cancer as early as possible. The earlier the diagnosis, the more likely the treatment will be effective and cause the least sequelae.
Detect Cancer In 10 Minutes