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Prepare For A Major Energy Change During The Full Moon On December 22

Prepare For A Major Energy Change During The Full Moon On December 22

If there is an astrological phenomenon that the general public is not aware of, it is the impact of the full moon on our emotions. Every year, an energy change takes place on the night of December 22nd. But what is it?

The Moon carries a powerful energy that is deeply related to our emotional state. As it changes, its influence on our emotions also changes. For example, the new Moon, which is the lunar phase in which the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun, is a period of opening the heart to a new beginning and new possibilities for the future. At that moment, the moon appears in the sky and its luminosity intensifies as well as our emotional state, it is thus a phase which marks the emotional climax.

The impact of the full moon
Although science has not found the exact mechanism of the influence of the lunar cycle on the human being, some theories are explored, such as the possibility that the tenfold increase in feelings and consequences that follow (mood change, disturbed sleep, increased admissions to hospital care - cardiovascular events, urinary and digestive disorders, childbirth) during the full moon period caused by the disturbance of the electromagnetic field of the Earth and / or the gravitational force. Indeed, during the full moon phase, even the smallest emotions can quickly become invasive and intense. Feelings of discontent and frustration can become stronger and become confused in anger and rage, while the feeling of joy can become happiness.

The full moon of December 22, 2018
On the evening of December 22, the full Moon will be under the most sensitive and emotional sign of the zodiac, the sign of Cancer. Not only will this intensify the powerful emotions produced by the full moon itself, but also see that the influence of Cancer will be more powerful on the hearts and minds of people. Thus, they become more vulnerable, compassionate and responsive to their feelings, unlike at any other time of the year. In short, during this night of December 22, emotions will overwhelm people and they will be easily influenced by each other, feeling both love and pain, more intense than usual.

Added to this intensity is the Betelgeuse Star, which is a semi-regular, red supergiant variable star in the constellation Orion. It will come incredibly close to the moon, adding its own influence and energy to our current state. This star is one of the biggest known stars. When its energy combines with that of the moon, it has a rebellious and turbulent impact on our lives. It will encourage people to show willingness and give them the power to hang on to what they feel is important during that time.

By adopting the exacerbated emotions of the full moon and the incredibly strong will of Betelgeuse Star, December 22nd will be the perfect time to tackle the things you want to accomplish in life before the end of this year. You will be more determined than ever to overcome the barriers and psychological limits that you have set and have previously held.

The importance of emotions
Although for many people emotions are only a negative aspect of being human, in reality, our emotions can motivate us even more and encourage us. The ability to embrace and harness the power that these emotions confer is important and crucial to moving forward in life. So, enjoy this December 22 to fully experience your emotions and use them wisely!
Prepare For A Major Energy Change During The Full Moon On December 22