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Redhead People Are Extraordinary According To Science

Redhead People Are Extraordinary According To Science

It is extremely rare for people to have naturally red hair. In addition to this rarity, you probably did not know that reds have many other characteristics and characteristics that make them quite unique people, as reported by our colleagues at Huffpost UK.

1. Greater resistance to pain
Redhead have a high resistance to pain and their pain threshold is much higher than the others. According to a 2003 study by McGill University, red women are able to cope with a 25% greater pain than women who are not naturally redheads.

In another study on redheads conducted by the University of Louisville, the results showed that redheads needed a higher dose of anesthesia to be sedated compared to other people.

2. They have less hair on their heads
Compared to others, reds have a smaller number of hair. Red women have less compared to blond women, brown or another hair color.

Although they may have less hair on their heads, it often appears that they have more. This is due to the thickness of their hair which is larger than in others. This gives their hair a voluminous appearance and the illusion of having a denser hair.

3. No gray hair
Natural reds owe their red color to the mutation of the MC1R gene. It is this change in their genes that confers red pigmentation on their hair and therefore their color stays longer.

While other people may lose their pigmentation and their hair may become gray over time, redheads do not have this feature. Their hair color fades over time, from red to copper, or silvery white but very rarely to gray.

4. Highly sensitive to temperature changes
The mutation of the MC1R gene, which gives redheads their natural red color, makes them much more sensitive to temperature changes. Thus, they can detect the temperature change much faster than others.

Although they are resistant beings, they feel the pain due to thermal changes in a more intense way. They react more quickly and feel the changes in temperature much more vividly than others.

5. They are rare
Only less than 2% of the world's population has natural red hair. Scotland, followed by Ireland, are the two countries with the most red people in the world.

Moreover, the combination of red hair and blue eyes is even rarer and is one of the most unique physical features that can be found. Rufts usually have brown eyes or hazel-colored shades.

6. They produce their own vitamin D
Although we need the sun so that our body can absorb and use the vitamin D produced by the melanin (pigments of coloration responsible for the coloring of the skin, the hair, and the eyes) present in the body, the redheads, to them, can feel burns on their skin when exposed to sunlight. Their sensitivity to changes in temperature plays an important role.

Redhead people  have lighter skin and therefore lower melanin production. But when they are in not sunny enough environments, they have the innate ability to generate and use vitamin D, a capacity that most humans do not have.

7. They make love more often
It has been noticed that redheads have a higher propensity to intercourse and that they may be better at it than others. This is because they feel more confident lately and all that is rare is attractive.

8. They tend to be left-handed
Scientists believe that left-handed people and the mutation in the MC1R gene are both caused by recessive genes and that redheads are more likely to be left-handed than others.

Finally, if you are red, you are really different and in the most incredible way. Feel free to share these incredible facts about redheads!
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