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It's Proven By Science: We Absorb The Energies Of Others

It's Proven By Science: We Absorb The Energies Of Others

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with negative energies? Whether it is the friend who has poured all his ill-being on you, the colleague who has not stopped complaining, or the cousin "depressive" who grinds black, it was enough a conversation, a few minutes in the company of this person so that you have the feeling that all your vitality and good humor are gone in smoke. This impression that your energy has been absorbed is however very real and science finally explains why!

Albert Einstein said, "All that exists in the universe is energy. The universe is whole is energy. The matter is energy are not only related, but are transformed into each other and vice versa. ". Thus, "all is energy" is one of the main demonstrations of science. The human being is therefore intrinsically affected not only by the energy that he releases but also by those around him.

Everything is energy and we absorb those around us

A biological research team at the University of Bielefeld in Germany has made a discovery for the least interesting that may revolutionize all the parameters of bioenergetics. At the crossroads of biology, biochemistry and biophysics, bioenergetics is a science that studies the mechanisms by which living things accumulate, transmit and propagate energy.

This study confirmed for the first time that plants could absorb energy from other plants. Research on a species of green algae called Chlamydomonas reinhardtii has shown that in addition to photosynthesis, these plants can draw energy from other algae.

According to Olivia Bader-Lee, doctor and therapist, in the same way as algae, the human being is a sponge that absorbs the energy that surrounds it. She explains, "That's why there are people who feel uncomfortable when they are in contact with a group with a mixture of energy and emotions. The human body is very similar to a plant, it sucks the energy necessary to feed its emotional state. "
This explains why you change mood, feel nervous, stressed, angry, sad, anxious, or conversely, happy, optimistic and hilarious just by listening to or sharing with others.

Bader-Lee states that the human being is inherently empathetic and that this ability to feel the emotions and vibrations that emanate from nature has been lost over the centuries.

How to control your space and protect your energy field?

Stay centered and keep your feet on the ground
Detach from your ego and focus on your spiritual "I", you will immediately feel connected to your space. Be aware of your presence and connect to your surroundings so you can release your energy and feel the emotions that emanate from others easily.

Be in a state of non-resistance
What we resist always ends up happening to us. If you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable with a person or group, do not resist to protect yourself, it will only attract the negative energies that emanate from your space. Go to what is called "a state of non-resistance" by imagining that you are transparent and translucent. This is a way of not holding back the waves that come from others, they will simply go through your body like a clear glass or water.

Master your personal aura
We have in each of us an energetic aura surrounding our body. If you do not master this force, you will be vulnerable to foreign energies. Be aware of the limits of your aura to control your space.
We Absorb The Energies Of Others