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Scientists Ask To Stop Wearing Shoes At Home Because Of Diseases

Scientists Ask To Stop Wearing Shoes At Home Because Of Diseases

Conventions and distant cultures can be beneficial to the health of individuals, so it is sometimes advantageous to be inspired by them. This is about taking off your shoes before entering the house. A practice that spreads bacteria and avoids us many inconveniences.

It is customary in many parts of the world, especially in Korea, Scandinavia, Switzerland and Germany, to take off your shoes inside the house as it is part of the culture and it is a sign of propriety. However, apart from the fact that it is beneficial in terms of comfort, taking off shoes before entry gives many benefits for the health and well-being of the inhabitants.

The shoes inside are a health hazard!
Researchers at the University of Houston say in an article in the British newspaper DailyMail, following a study on the different forms of bacteria on our shoes, that walking inside the house wearing shoes affects the health of people living in because the shoes contain a large amount of harmful bacteria, especially given the distance an individual travels in a day according to Professor Kevin Garey, co-author of the study. These, once spread inside the house, expose you to diseases including digestive disorders. Indeed, these same researchers studied 2,500 samples, and found that about a quarter of the shoe soles recovered for the study, contained an insect that could cause painful stomach cramps. Last year, the University of Arizona conducted a similar study that found that in two weeks, outdoor soles recover more than 440,000 bacteria that contaminate the soil.

On the other hand, a study by Baylor University states that people who live near tarmac roads are more exposed to cancer because of the toxins stolen from their shoes and brought into the house.

Other reasons why you need to take off your shoes at home:

- They ruin the floor and carpets

"Shoes or heels are more abrasive than socks or slippers," said Good Housekeeping Institute's Cleaning Lab director, Carolyn Forte. To avoid the risk of finding yourself with a floor and carpets damaged, put slippers in front of the door so you can take off your shoes on your way home, without walking barefoot.

- They pollute the air of the house

The shoes carry toxic substances throughout the day that pollute the air of the house. For example, you can easily find traces of chemicals used on lawns that contaminate the air in the home.

- They contain fecal matter

As part of a campaign for a new line of washable shoes, a study was conducted by the shoe company "Rockport" at the University of Arizona. Ten participants wore Rockport shoes and walked with them for two weeks. After having recovered and analyzed these same shoes, the researchers discovered that they contained harmful bacteria including fecal matter, probably from public toilets or animals.

- They compromise your relationship with the neighborhood

Keeping your shoes in the house can also be a source of contention between neighbors. Indeed, shoes, especially those with heels, make an unpleasant noise that disrupts the moment of relaxation of individuals next door.

- They may become your dog's new toys

Shoes can seem very attractive to dogs. Seduced by the prospect of having a new play to put in the tooth, your dog will not hesitate to grab your new pair of shoes to plunge his fangs. So, it is better to remove them and put them away at the front door!
Scientists Ask To Stop Wearing Shoes At Home Because Of Diseases