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The Sister Is More Than A Friend, She Is Half Of Our Heart

The Sister Is More Than A Friend, She Is Half Of Our Heart

The sisters have a natural ability to make you happy, we almost think they are magical! Yet, there is only a long experience of cohabitation and bickering that makes that no one can know you better than your own family. Here's why a sister is so expensive.

It is at home that we meet the most important people in our lives: the family. In general, the family is made up of two parents, and for the lucky ones, a brother and a sister! The latter shares our daily life from birth. She shares our joys, our sorrows and our frustrations. She listens and does not let us down. It may not be realized, but the support of a sister armed us with an inexplicable force but very appreciable.

After adolescence or hostile feelings usually arise in a family, crises of jealousy and sometimes daily disputes, the emotional dramas fade to leave room for a more stable and stronger relationship.

A sister gives you a Herculean strength
It is at the moment when one forges our character that the sister is with us. We live under the same roof and we share almost everything, even the room in some cases! Yes, it is clear that it is not always obvious, but the results of this coexistence bring great inner strength. An unsuspected force.

Indeed, having a sister allows us to learn things, from a very young age, to be respected, to defend his rights and his territory, to assert himself ... Everything an only child learns much later in life. All of these things lead to better professional and social inclusion.

Often asked for confidences, a sister is our first friend. It helps us to better understand our emotions and therefore to discern them with greater clarity. The unconditional support of a sister allows us to have a less difficult adolescence and overcome negative feelings with more serenity. Which is finally a liberation in the face of the frustration that is usually felt at that time and which can cause frailty in adult life.

Beyond the distance
Crossroads are often difficult for brothers and sisters who have never experienced one without the other. But once we leave the family cocoon, we live alone or with our partner and because of this, the relationship with a sister is less narrow. But distance is not an obstacle to such a strong link. Of course, despite the sincere friendships we can accumulate in our journey, we can not replace a sister. It alone has the prerogative to always tell us the truth at the risk of making us suffer an affront. She alone can listen to our lucubrations without any judgment and shows a great leniency to us, whatever the situation.

The friend we do not choose, but the best friend.
With a sister, we do not need to talk so that she understands our deepest pains. It is certainly due to the years of sharing and cohabitation, but only with a sister can we express without shading and artifice our most complex feelings.

This fraternal relationship makes us strong and tranquilizes us. This feeling of serenity gives us a confidence in ourselves that develops from year to year and which, in the end, is a boon in the construction of a life.

If at this moment you are away from your sister and your relationships are not good, take back your pride and contact her. You can not have pride with someone of our own blood, let alone a sister with all that she brings us as joy and support. Do you say that with her you will be strong and that without her you will be weakened.
The Sister Is More Than A Friend, She Is Half Of Our Heart