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10-minute Treatment To Relieve Sciatic Nerve Pain

10-minute Treatment To Relieve Sciatic Nerve Pain

The name sciatica is used to describe pain that spreads all the way along the sciatic nerve and affects the buttock, lower back, leg and even foot. When suffering from sciatica, pain is usually felt on one side of the body. It can become disabling and may require long-term rest.

In most cases, sciatica is caused by compression of the nerve roots.

The causes of sciatica

There are various factors that promote the appearance of sciatica, we find among others:

- bad posture
- pregnancy
- osteoarthritis
- obesity
- aging
- stenosis of the spinal canal

However, sciatica can be accentuated by stress, smoking, handling work, joint disease and overweight.

What are the symptoms ?

The symptoms of sciatica are clear for a health professional:

- Acute and intense pain descending along the thigh and leg, sometimes to the foot.
- A burning sensation in the lower back.
- A sensation of tingling and sometimes numbness of the leg.
- Weakness in the affected leg.

In some severe cases, surgery is sometimes recommended. But in mild and moderate cases, chiropractic care is recommended to remedy it and a drug treatment such as analgesics or anti-inflammatories to relieve pain. However, the latter are sometimes ineffective in treating this condition and only appease the symptoms, especially since they can be harmful to health.

Natural remedies are therefore necessary, combined with appropriate stretches and exercises. Also, a remedy based on cider vinegar can relieve the pain of sciatica.

Cider vinegar remedy

- 1 liter of apple cider vinegar
- 1 bucket of hot water but not boiling
- 1 handful of Epsom salt

- Mix all ingredients in hot water. Once the Epsom salt has melted, soak your feet in the bucket until the water cools.

- Dry your feet, then cover your legs to keep them warm and put to bed.

- When waking up, keep your feet warm in socks and avoid walking barefoot.

Relief of pain can be felt immediately. The treatment should be repeated every day until the symptoms disappear.

The benefits of apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is produced by the fermentation of sugars from apples, transforming them into acetic acid, which is the active ingredient in this vinegar. Moreover, according to a study published in NCBI, the effect of external application of apple cider vinegar on the symptoms of varicosity, pain as well as stress, anxiety has been demonstrated.

The benefits of Epsom salt
Epsom salt is a chemical compound of magnesium and sulfate. Thus, in contact with water, the salt of Epsom dissolves and releases these constituents which will then be absorbed by the skin.

It increases the level of magnesium, reduces stress, removes toxins to relieve foot pain.

The benefits of foot baths
Hot water baths are part of the hydrotherapy care that is especially addressed to people with joint pain or blood circulation. Also the footbath, remains in most cases, effective to relieve the pain in the legs and restore the physical form and also the psychic well-being. At the same time, heat has always been recognized as effective in relieving foot and arthritis pain.
Relieve Sciatic Nerve Pain