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8 Types Of Toxic People To Avoid In 2019

8 Types Of Toxic People To Avoid In 2019

Between personal and / or professional successes and disappointments, there is one area in which one must absolutely sort out to start one under the best auspices; that of relations. Whether friendly, loving or professional, there are certain types of toxic people to leave behind.

By nature, the human being needs relationships with others to flourish. Indeed, this is one of the basic needs according to many theories including the pyramid of needs established by the psychologist Abraham Maslow. Yet, all people are not good to rub shoulders as is the case of the following 8 according to a Huffpost article:

1. Negative people
Pessimists, pampered, without humor, sad ... Negative people constantly see the positive events in drama. Similarly, they do not hesitate to undermine the morale of their entourage through reflections and criticisms, even reducing the efforts and success of the person in front of them at least union. Thus, it is advisable to avoid this kind of person if one wishes to take care of one's well-being because as the conjugal and family therapist explains, Sheri Meyers: "the toxic people have the art to spoil your joy and to turn positive news into something negative. "

2. The manipulators
Some people take pleasure in handling. They do not hesitate to use all the possible techniques (lie, guilt, blurred answers, blackmail) to get what they want from those around them. Driven by their lack of confidence, they can deny the most obvious facts and hurt, consciously or not, their loved ones. It is better to avoid this type of toxic person, at least until she is able to assume her behaviors, according to therapist Amanda Stemen.

3. Profiteers
According to the psychologist Ryan Kelly, the profiteers are people who use their charisma and their sympathy to exploit the other. Indeed, profiteers are the kind of people who come unexpectedly to your home, to offer you a restaurant by letting you pay the bill or to abuse your time and energy. So instead of spending your money and energy with these people, surround yourself with reliable, independent people.

4. Difficult loved ones
Although it is difficult to cut the bridges with our loved ones, it should be realized that some of them are harmful; especially when they adopt risky behaviors (alcohol or drug addiction, violence). Indeed, thinking well, you will want to help. However, if this person has no will and / or chain failures in treatment, know that you can not treat it. Worse, this last one will be able to drag you in its fall. So, as long as he / she does not take the time to heal, put a little distance. Of course, you can encourage her to contact a health professional, but you can never go in her place and solve her problems as explained by the psychotherapist, Tina Tessina.

5. The distant friends
It must be admitted that some friendships will not last. Indeed, whether because of a move, a new way of life or a dispute, it happens that we move away. However, it is an evil for a good because in view of the distance and the traces that leave disagreements, we sometimes have nothing to do in common with this friend.

6. The grudges
The rancorous are poisonous insofar as they constantly remind us of the evil they felt following this or that action we did. It is therefore quickly tiresome and annoying to constantly have to apologize or justify. Moreover, no matter what your arguments, a spiteful person will insist on past mistakes and will always remain on his position.

7. The critics
Often lacking self-confidence and / or jealousy, some people have easy criticism. They do not hesitate to say what she thinks and above all, they find fault with everything you do. More than a sincere opinion, this type of person highlights the flaws. It is therefore harmful for your own well-being and your self-esteem.

8. The toxic companion
A romantic relationship can quickly become unhealthy, especially when there is a lack of communication and respect between partners. Even worse when one of them has a toxic personality. Between violent behavior, manipulations, lies, financial worries, sulphurous past and / or dependencies on harmful substances, the justifications are numerous for a break. But with this type of companion and to avoid dramatic consequences, take the time to think about the right way to end the relationship and get help from someone you trust, Tina Tessina advises.
8 Types Of Toxic People To Avoid In 2019