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In 2019, Do Not Give Your Heart To People Who Do Not Deserve It

In 2019, Do Not Give Your Heart To People Who Do Not Deserve It

The New Year is the ideal time to make new resolutions, to start on new bases and especially to take stock of our expectations and desires. By the way, in 2019, do not give your heart to people who do not deserve it!

A year ends and gives way to a new year and new resolutions, these famous promises that we make to ourselves but that we do not always hold. Lose weight, be more attentive, say more often "I love you" to his family, live the moment, travel ... These resolutions take the form of projects that must be completed before the end of this year. Yet there is one that we should all accomplish early in the year, to free ourselves from toxic relationships and stop giving our hearts to people who do not deserve it.

Free yourself from toxic people
From this perspective, toxic relationships and toxic people need to be identified. But what does toxic people look like? Between narcissistic perverts, psychic vampires or manipulators, it is sometimes hard to spot them.

In general, these people affect your morale, play with your feelings, abuse your time, pump your energy and do not hesitate to exclude you in order to take power over you and "own" you. Far from wanting to take care of you, they seek to take care of themselves, to value themselves through you, to use you as a stooge and this, by all means. False compliments, manipulations, lies, beautiful words ... Toxic people use, without moral ethics or emotions, the worst means they can find to denigrate and abuse your benevolence, your generosity and above all, your weaknesses. They approach you to know you better, to fool you better, to break your trust and to support where it hurts, when they feel the desire or the need. They blow hot and cold and alternate between compliments and scathing remarks, to hurt you but still keep you close to them. In private but also in public, they humiliate and denigrate you, in order to put their prowess forward. They do not respect your principles, your values ​​and even less what you are.

In their presence, you usually feel uncomfortable and, over time, you become empty of feelings, invaded and imprisoned by this other. Moreover, this discomfort affects your mind but also your body: tiredness, nervousness, irritability, muscular tension, frequent diseases ... As your mind is damaged, your body envelope deteriorates.

Make the right choices
For example, if you have a colleague, family member, friend, or partner who constantly makes you feel intense negative emotions such as stress, guilt, anxiety, or even depression, you should know STOP this relationship.

Relationships, both in the personal and professional realms, must bring you positive emotions, help you improve and be happy. Of course, you may have to deal with anger or negative feelings, but it's all about balance. Since there is an imbalance and you can no longer assert yourself, being yourself and the other person before you, you mistreat and humiliate yourself, it is that you must absolutely distance yourself for yourself. preserve.

Make the right choices in your relationships, analyze them and if you find that a person is bad for you, do not hesitate to get rid of this toxic link. It takes time, effort and awareness. In addition, depending on the duration, the intimacy or the frequency of the relationship, you will have to make more or less effort to distance yourself and / or end the relationship.

Listen to yourself and take advantage of this bad meeting to take stock of who you are, your emotional needs, your way of understanding relationships, your autonomy and your ability to understand your body and mind. The more you take care of yourself, the less likely a toxic person will be in control of you.
In 2019, Do Not Give Your Heart To People Who Do Not Deserve It