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Babies Born In January Are Extraordinary

Babies Born In January Are Extraordinary

January is synonymous with joy, promise and renewal. This is the month when most of us are committed to making new resolutions to become better people. Thus, babies born in January carry this aura of optimism and enthusiasm. If you are born in January, find out why you are so amazing!

People born in January have this little something extra that makes them special and singular people. Funny but serious when it is necessary, audacious but independent, inflexible but oh so generous. The natives of January are therefore the best friends that everyone would like to have!

The reasons why the natives of January are extraordinary

1) They are particularly funny
With a baby born in January, you're sure to never get bored. The natives of January have a sense of humor subtle and cheerful; they are playful and always try to convey the joy and good humor around them. So be ready to share hilarious moments!

2) They have a cold head
To be born in winter has many advantages. Indeed, according to studies, seeing the day in a cold period allows you to be less irritable and less subject to mood swings compared to people born during other seasons.

3) They are generally healthy
Researchers from the Department of Medicine at Columbia University found that babies born in January had no major disadvantage with regard to contraction of diseases. However, another study found that there was a relationship between low sunlight during the later stages of pregnancy and the increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Be careful with cakes and other sweets!

4) They are more athletic than others
Children born in January often end up being a little older than their classmates. Larger, they are therefore generally more advantaged in school athletics.

5) They are creative
According to Time, a 2015 study found that people born in January and February were more creative and more logical when it came to solving problems.

6) They are more likely to become doctors or accountants
The two most common career paths for people born in January are to become a general practitioner or accountant. On the other hand, very few people born in January work in real estate.

7) Or, they become CEO
People born in January are hard workers and natural leaders, it is no surprise that they are found in the ranking of Time magazine, months of birth that produce the most CEOs. Regardless of the profession, the natives of January are motivated and lead their teams successfully.

8) Men born in January usually marry women born in October
According to the Journal of Interdisciplinary Cycle Research, men born in the second half of January are 2 to 3 times more likely to marry women born at the end of October.

9) They are more likely to be left-handed
Researchers at the University of Vienna revealed that men (not women) born in November, December and January are more likely to be left-handed.

10) They are likely to be famous
Many politicians and celebrities have celebrated (or are still celebrating) their birthdays in January. Like Martin Luther King Jr, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Kate Middleton, Ellen Degeneres, or Oprah Winfrey.

11) Garnet is their birthstone
Many people think that garnet is always red; in reality, the gemstone can have a variety of colors. In addition, garnet symbolizes peace, prosperity and health.

12) They are or Capricorn or Aquarius
The signs of Capricorn are very independent, disciplined, organized and often make powerful leaders. As for the signs of Aquarius, they are more in touch with their emotions, and would be very empathetic.
Babies Born In January Are Extraordinary