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Study Says Babies Born In January And February Are More Likely To Become Famous

Study Says Babies Born In January And February Are More Likely To Become Famous

If your delivery took place in the first two months of the year, you are a lucky parent. Without realizing it, you have a future star at your side. One study has shown that these babies are more likely than others to have a future that rhymes with rhinestones and sequins.

The babies of the month of January and February, stars in the making?

If we believe the Journal of Social Sciences, the first babies of the year are lucky. This sociological study gave an overview of famous celebrities, politicians and scientists and discovered that most of these people were born in January or February and therefore related to the astrological signs of Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

More specifically, the study revealed that these big names were born between January 20 and February 18, so they are native of Aquarius. Although this zodiac sign is known for its unpredictable and dreamy side, celebrity could well counterbalance its flaws. If you are Aquarius, you will join the star bank if you reach your full potential. Among the famous Aquarians: Jennifer Aniston, Cristiano Ronaldo, Harry Styles or Oprah Winfrey.

If you are skeptical and do not believe a word of these conclusions, another study is there to support this theory. This time, the UK Office of National Statistics confirms that people born earlier this year are more likely to succeed. This study was relayed by the Daily Mail and the researchers tested 19 professions. The findings are clear: babies born in January are more likely to become doctors or recovery agents, and babies born in February may be more likely to lean toward artistic occupations in the future. As for babies born in January, they represent 10% of the population of business owners. In addition, according to the results of the study, babies born in March would be good pilots.

Thus, although all babies are exceptional, babies in January and February would be more likely to succeed in the professional field. Moreover, here are the astrological portraits of Capricorn, Aquarius and the sign of Pisces, the astrological signs of the beginning of the year.

Astrological profile of Capricorn

December 22- January 20
Very mature, you are guided more by reason than by intuition in your choices of life. When you have a goal in mind, you put all the chances on your side to get there. Sometimes stubborn and rigid, you hold to your comfort zone and it is difficult for someone to extract you from it. When you are in love, you give of yourself but be careful not to disrupt your independence. Under your cold and distant paces, you become gentle and caring once you feel confident. Relationships without tomorrow, too little for you. You prefer stable relationships that are sustainable. Somewhat inhibited, you have trouble with busy places where you do not hear yourself thinking.

Astrological profile of Aquarius

January 20 - February 19
What makes you vibrate is independence. Idealist, you like to go against rules and traditions. Creative, you like to participate in original and iconoclastic projects. You are able to adapt to all kinds of situations even the most complex because you do not miss imagination. Your ideals are sometimes very advanced and you will often be called idealistic. With a hint of eccentricity, people will ask you to put fantasy into their lives. Your greatest aspiration in life is to create harmony around you because you are a philanthropist.

Pisces astrological profile

February 19-March 20
If you are of the sign Pisces, you are someone very sensitive. Whether it is a joy or a disappointment, you are on edge and live your emotions with an astonishing magnitude. Mystical and spiritual, you are very focused on your inner life, rich and complex. Although emotive, you do not express your moods easily and you must know yourself to be able to identify your personality. In love, you are very demanding and ask for absolute loyalty.
January And February Are More Likely To Become Famous