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Put Beer In Your Shampoo To Eliminate Dandruff, Reduce Hair Loss And Grow It Quickly

Put Beer In Your Shampoo To Eliminate Dandruff, Reduce Hair Loss And Grow It Quickly

Beer In Your Shampoo To Eliminate Dandruff,

Beer is known for its beneficial effects on the skin, but it is also effective for the hair. Beer is rich in protein that helps repair damaged hair and give it volume. In addition, the sugars of sucrose and maltose in the beer help to give shine. Here is a shampoo with a beer can to eliminate dandruff, reduce hair loss and grow them quickly. This is an old German grandmother remedy tested and approved!

The effect of the beer is spectacular because it makes the hair shiny, without dandruff and stimulates the growth of the hair. Indeed, beer contains many natural fermentation ingredients, proteins, B vitamins and many other nutrients to nourish the hair in a healthier way. Maltose and sucrose, in particular, help revive hair color and make it brighter.

Here are the instructions for beautiful hair in two weeks!

Step 1: Decarbonate your beer
Pour a bottle or can of beer into a bowl and let sit all day. The more the beer is exposed to an ambient temperature, the faster it oxidizes and becomes flat.

The beer becomes flat by releasing the carbon dioxide it creates. It is important that beer no longer contains carbon dioxide when it is used to treat hair, because carbon dioxide combined with water can create hard water or high mineral content water. The presence of carbon dioxide can hinder the effects of the shampoo and make it more difficult to effectively wash the hair. In addition, hard water makes the scales of each hair shake, which gives your hair a tangled and leathery appearance.

You can also add essential oils that will not only neutralize the alcohol in your beer but provide a nourishing effect to your shampoo, including lemon, almond, jojoba, lavender or sandalwood.

Beer In Your Shampoo To Eliminate Dandruff,

Step 2: Wash your hair
Use the shampoo that you usually use, but avoid the conditioner. The beer will act as your conditioner, slowly pour into the hair and massage gently with your fingertips to deeply nourish the scalp. You continue for about 2 minutes. If you fear the smell of beer on the hair, reverse the process, shampoo with beer first and then use your usual shampoo.

Beer is also very beneficial for your scalp and your skin. Beer sediments or yeast help reduce sebum production and control oily skin on the face or scalp.

Step 3: Rinse your hair
Finally, rinse with water, then dry the hair with a soft towel. Do not use the hair dryer to avoid damaging them, in addition, it is better to use the beer once or twice a week no more, as it may make the hair dry if it is used daily .

1 or 2 applications are enough to see the effect of using beer on your hair. They will become stronger and thicker with a healthier scalp without dandruff or itching.

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