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Celery Is A Natural Medicine That Makes You Lose Weight, Heals Stomach Pain, Regulates Cholesterol And Much More

Celery Is A Natural Medicine That Makes You Lose Weight, Heals Stomach Pain, Regulates Cholesterol And Much More

Often forgotten at the expense of foods such as spinach or apple, celery is full of health benefits. From the apiaceae family, also known as umbelliferae, it is a food rich in vitamins C, B, A, and K. Consumed in leaves or seeds, it brings many benefits to the human body thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant.

"Foods you will do medicine," here is one of Hippocrates' advice. Although our health depends on many factors, the foods we eat play a big role in our well-being. Some say that we are what we eat, and to some extent this adage contains some truth. The consumption of certain foods, also called nutraceuticals, offers many benefits. Celery, rich in vitamins and minerals, is a great ally when it comes to your health. Here are 14 benefits that you will benefit your body if you eat every day!

Prevents chronic inflammation
Celery is a food with anti-inflammatory properties, especially when consumed in juice. It starves bacteria and cleans the body of waste and accumulated toxins.

Regulates the body acidity level
Celery helps regulate the body's pH and helps soothe the stomach. In particular, stem and celery seeds would be beneficial for maintaining a healthy pH level.

Promotes weight loss
Did you know that 100g of celery only contain 20 calories? Thanks to its high fiber content, celery is your best friend in times of diet. It also promotes perspiration and helps eliminate unwanted pounds caused by water retention.

Helps digestion and prevents constipation
Thanks to the diuretic properties of its seeds, celery helps to treat gastric disorders. These benefits are derived from its high potassium content (260mg / 100g) which balances its high sodium content.

Moisturizes the body
Composed of 95% water, celery maintains hydration of the body. In addition, its fiber content helps maintain a healthy lifestyle because it offers a sense of satiety that prevents us from snacking between meals.

Reduces the risk of ulcers and gastritis
Celery has a protective role vis-à-vis the gastric walls. In a study, it was noted that celery protected the stomach in a drug-induced ulcer.

Prevents urinary tract infections
According to a study published by the Journal of Urology, celery would be one of the most powerful diuretics in the family of diuretics herbal. It allows the body to eliminate regularly bacteria that can grow.

Promotes sleep
Celery has a calming effect on the nervous system. According to a study published in the Journal of Herbal Medicine, tea made from celery seed has an antispasmodic effect that helps with relaxation and promotes sleep. It also contains catecholamine, which reduces the release of stress hormones very effectively.

Regulates blood pressure
Celery is a good food for people who have to pay attention to their salt intake. Thanks to its sodium content, it offers a healthy alternative to table salt that contains iodized sodium, which is bad for blood pressure. It acts on the body thanks to phthalides, phytochemical components, which relax the tissues of the arterial walls, thus allowing a better circulation of the blood.

It is aphrodisiac
"If women knew what celery was worth to man, they would send for it to Rome." This old proverb illustrates the aphrodisiac power of celery. Natural food rich in hormones, it promotes the production of androsterone in humans.

Regulates cholesterol
Over the long term, eating celery would reduce cholesterol levels by increasing the secretion of bile acids. More specifically, they help eliminate some of the cholesterol produced by the body.
Celery Is A Natural Medicine