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Consume A Spoonful Of Pollen A Day To Cure Allergies, Treat Skin Problems, Lungs And Much More

Consume A Spoonful Of Pollen A Day To Cure Allergies, Treat Skin Problems, Lungs And Much More

Bee pollen is a holistic remedy used worldwide. It is made by bees and is the food of the young bee. This food is considered one of the most nutritious of nature because it contains almost all the nutrients that man needs. In this article, you will discover 10 good reasons to add fresh bee pollen to your daily diet.

Bee pollen is a complete food and contains many elements that animal products do not possess. Research shows that bee pollen is richer in protein than any animal source. It contains more amino acids than beef, eggs or cheese of equal weight.

A teaspoon of pollen requires a month of work
It is important to know that a single teaspoon of pollen asks a bee eight hours of work a day for a month. Each bee pollen pellet contains more than two million grains of flower pollen and one teaspoon contains more than 2.5 billion grains of flower pollen.

Here are 10 good reasons to add fresh bee pollen to your daily diet:

1. Boost energy: The range of nutrients contained in bee pollen makes it an excellent natural stimulant. Group B carbohydrates, protein and vitamins can help you stay in shape all day long, improving stamina and fighting fatigue.

2. Dealing with skin problems: Bee pollen is often used in topical products to treat common inflammatory conditions and skin irritations such as psoriasis or eczema. Amino acids and vitamins protect the skin and help regenerate cells.

3. Protecting the Respiratory System: A study has shown that bee pollen contains a large amount of antioxidants that can have an anti-inflammatory effect on the tissues of the lungs, thus preventing the onset of asthma.

4. Treat allergies: Pollen reduces the presence of histamine, improving many allergies. From asthma to allergy to sinus problems, all have been eliminated, confirming that bee pollen is wonderfully effective against a wide range of respiratory diseases.

5. Facilitate Digestion: In addition to vitamins, minerals and health-promoting proteins, bee pollen contains enzymes that can aid digestion. Enzymes help your body get all the nutrients you need from the foods you eat.

6. Boost the immune system: Pollen is good for the intestinal flora and thus supports the immune system. Bee pollen has antibiotic-like properties that can help protect the body against the contraction of viruses. It is also rich in antioxidants that protect cells from the damaging oxidation of free radicals.

7. Dealing with addictions: It is used holistically to cure addictions and inhibit cravings by suppressing impulses. Because bee pollen reduces cravings, it can be helpful to lose weight healthily. However, further research is needed on these potential benefits, particularly with respect to weight management.

8. Support the cardiovascular system: Bee pollen contains large amounts of rutin, an antioxidant bioflavonoid that helps strengthen blood vessels, helps with circulatory problems and corrects cholesterol levels. Its potent anticoagulant powers may help prevent heart attacks and strokes.

9. Relieving Prostate Problems: A study has shown that men with benign prostatic hyperplasia can find relief using bee pollen. Bee pollen can help reduce inflammation and stop the frequent urge to urinate.

10. Help treat infertility problems: Bee pollen stimulates and restores ovarian function and can therefore be used to help speed up pregnancy. In addition to being a hormonal stimulant, it is also an excellent aphrodisiac!

How to consume bee pollen?
A spoonful at breakfast, preferably with a fruit: the fibers of the fruit (raw hemicellulose) reinforce the activity of the fresh pollen.

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Consume A Spoonful Of Pollen A Day To Cure Allergies, Treat Skin Problems, Lungs And Much More