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Cuddling A Cow Is The New Fashion Of People Who Want To De-stress

Cuddling A Cow Is The New Fashion Of People Who Want To De-stress

Life is becoming more stressful. Most people live at a very fast pace, which makes it very difficult to stand back, relax and breathe a bit. In the face of this stress, many people try to decompress in many ways, like walking in nature, listening to music, doing yoga or meditating. However, a new trend suggests cuddling cows to de-stress!

A new method to de-stress
You read correctly, spending an afternoon with cows allows you to de-stress. In Northeastern New York, for $ 300, the equivalent of $ 260, you can spend hours petting and playing with cows at the Mountain Horse Farm. This place offers visitors a de-stressing experience with cows and horses.

People can choose to spend time with cows or horses. They can pet them, brush them, feed them, cuddle them, run them through an obstacle course or even just watch them graze.

According to the Mountain Horse Farm website, the cows, in turn, will play with your hair, lick your hand and spend time with you. In other words, the cows and horses on the farm are very friendly.

It is not surprising that spending time with animals can create a sense of calm and relaxation. In fact, science has proven that animals provide great emotional relief to people.

What science says
According to a study published in the scientific journal Frontiers in Psychology, spending time with animals has the same de-stressing effect on humans as yoga and meditation. It also helps to overcome fear and anxiety as the brain secretes oxytocin, which is the hormone of love, trust and social connection. Researchers have also discovered that stable relationships with animals such as pets are associated with more powerful and lasting beneficial effects on human psychology.

Given the beneficial effects of contact with animals, this method of treatment is gaining popularity and many people are opting for animal assisted therapy because it helps them connect and reduce their anxiety and stress.

According to the Mountain Horse Farm website, the gentle nature of cows and horses contributes to relaxation, healing, awareness of your body language, comfort, full awareness, affirmation self-control, fear control and self-confidence.

Animal-assisted therapy leads to a general improvement in emotional and psychological well-being. This method can be very useful for people struggling with psychological impact problems such as addiction, depression and even schizophrenia.

Guests can choose to snuggle against cows and horses, alone or with a partner. They can also opt for a hug session in a small group of four.

Still in animal-assisted therapy at the University of Denver in the United States, there is also a method of therapeutic treatment with the Dahlia goat that spends its time on campus to emotionally relieve law students. She is also the best distraction of a hectic week of exams.

If you do not like cows and horses, you can opt to have pets. As science has confirmed, you have lasting and powerful effects on your psychological state. Feel free to share this article to show your friends the importance of contact with animals!
Cuddling A Cow Is The New Fashion Of People Who Want To De-stress