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Doctors Are Forced To Perform An Emergency Caesarean Section, Dad Sees His Baby's Face And Lead Silence Falls On The Room

Doctors Are Forced To Perform An Emergency Caesarean Section, Dad Sees His Baby's Face And Lead Silence Falls On The Room

Pregnancy can be a very stressful time for future parents. They are often worried about the baby's health, but this fear usually dissipates immediately after birth, when doctors announce that everything is fine. Jenny Wilklow and her husband were not so lucky, quite the contrary, what happened in the delivery room left everyone speechless. Here is their story.

Jenny Wilklow had a very normal pregnancy. She and her husband consulted with several doctors, all telling them that their future baby was in good health and was developing quite ordinary.

Everything rocked for Jenny during the 34th week of pregnancy, when doctors were forced to perform an emergency caesarean section. Despite a successful procedure and delivery, the young mother would soon realize that something was wrong.

In a matter of seconds, she sees the room change and the eyes panic. The baby's face suddenly changed. Jenny finds an expression of panic on the faces of doctors and nurses. She says, "I saw them busying around her. Her skin became hard as stone and she began to crack all over her body. "

The nurses tried to reassure her somehow and gave her a sedative so she could fall asleep. A few hours later, Jenny wakes up and is told that her daughter has ichthyosis harlequin (IH).

At that moment, Jenny turns her head towards her husband and what she sees there confirms to her that the worst has happened. "Her silence terrified me," she admits.

Jenny Wilklow then starts researching her daughter's condition. She says, "I spent the two days following his birth to learn about this disease, and I realized the kind of life that awaited him. I felt completely alone and lost. At that moment, I thought it might be better for her to die. " These seemingly harsh words, even shocking, are words that reflect the desperation of a young mother facing an extraordinary situation, and who tries to be strong in order to make the best decision for her child.

What is ichthyosis harlequin?
Indeed, ichthyosis is a rare genetic disease that is characterized by extreme skin flaking. Harlequin ichthyosis is the most severe form and is transmitted autosomally recessive. Unfortunately, this variant of ichthyosis is lethal. As explained by Dr. Chiavérini, a member of the French Society of Pediatric Dermatology, infants with IH often face respiratory problems, infections, and intense dehydration that unfortunately do not allow them to survive more than a few days. In the rare cases of survival, children have a normal life expectancy. However, they are subject to medical complications, including their development and motor skills.

A serious illness but a fighting baby
Today, little Anna is one of the happy survivors thanks to the medical team who surrounded her and to the love of her parents. After having brought her home, they gave themselves body and soul to preserve her precarious health. "At first it was a daily struggle. Every two hours, I smeared cream from head to foot, and I made him take baths that lasted for hours. For years I've been dreaming about dressing up, and as absurd as it sounds, that's what gave me the strength to fight, "says Jenny.

Despite the difficulties and the many daily efforts, Anna allowed her mom to see life with a new eye. Through the illness of her daughter, Jenny Wilklow has turned into a strong and positive woman. She explains in her testimony, "I realized that the more I put barriers, the more I would slow down its development. So I decided to do just the opposite. I set the bar very high, for her and for myself. My goal was that she could do what she wanted without constraints. "

Since then, Jenny has created an Instagram account that relays the incredible adventure shared with her daughter Anna.

"We are destined for each other, and together we will show the world how wonderful life is"

It is on these beautiful words that the testimony of Jenny Wilklow ends. If there is one thing to remember, it is that despite our differences, we are all guided by the same human feelings. Life is made of highs and lows, but you should never give up.

The story of little Anna is the proof!