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5 Foods That Cause The Onset Of Acne And Hormonal Problems

5 Foods That Cause The Onset Of Acne And Hormonal Problems

As soon as we mention the word acne, we immediately think of our adolescence and problems of unmanageable buttons. However, this skin disorder is not specific to one age. Indeed, it is often due to a hormonal imbalance that can occur at any time of our life. Even though acne pimples often take us by surprise, some foods are more likely to make them appear.

When it comes to skin problems, we often talk about hormonal acne. Indeed, it touches even the best of us at one time or another. Beyond its unattractive appearance, acne can cause serious psychological consequences for people with the disease, especially adolescents.

Acne and psychological disorders
According to a study conducted by The Indian Journal of Dermatology on the psychological effects of acne on young people, scientists have found that teenagers with acne usually suffer from problems in terms of body image, socialization. They find themselves limiting their contact with others, especially because they feel embarrassed vis-à-vis their appearance and they lose confidence in themselves.

According to a poll conducted in 2013 by the CSA, 5 million French people would be affected by acne. Here are some key figures:

· 1 in 10 French people between the ages of 15 and 69 would have been acne

· 80% would have suffered during their youth

· 1 in 5 adults saw their acne return after 18 years

· Adult acne is often severe and can last up to 50 years

Hormonal acne

In an article published by The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, hormonal acne in adult women is based on a fluctuation of hormones caused by many factors such as stress, cosmetics, smoking and diet.

The majority of women experience hormonal imbalance in the middle of their cycle or just before their period. Indeed, these two periods are those in which the production of estrogen and testosterone varies the most. When this production becomes too irregular, the cycle of the woman goes wrong and the body does not follow anymore. Hormones accumulate, which prevents the body from cleaning properly. As a result, fluctuating levels of estrogen and testosterone lead to the development of acne and inflammation of the skin.

Foods, risk factors for acne?

Certain foods are to be avoided in case of acne and to prevent these dermatological disorders. Indeed, here are 5 foods that greatly promote the appearance of hormonal acne.

Dairy products
Many dairy products contain synthetic hormones that add to those already present in your body. This excess usually causes inflammation that appears on your skin in the form of acne.

Soy contains phyto-oestrogens that can disrupt your hormones. Generally, it is difficult to control its presence in our food. For this reason, pay attention to the nutrition labels on the products you consume.

More and more, you see people around you follow gluten-free diets. Know that they are right because gluten, like dairy products, can disrupt your hormones and cause inflammation.

Sunflower oil, safflower and vegetable oil
These cooking oils contain an unequal proportion of fatty acids. Indeed, they have more omega-6 than omega-3, which causes the skin to ignite during periods when the body secretes the most estrogen.

Aside from its qualities for waking up in the morning, the caffeine present in coffee and tea acts on the immune system's skin responses and deprives your body of vitamin B, magnesium and zinc, which alters the skin's tissues. and can promote the appearance of acne.

In addition, if you want to reduce acne, some foods are beneficial as the avocado contains beta sitosterol, a substance known for its anti-inflammatory properties, cinnamon with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties or even chia seeds in view their richness in omega-3 acids.
Acne And Hormonal Problems