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Here's How To Get Ride Of The Insects That Are Hiding In Your Bed

Here's How To Get Ride Of The Insects That Are Hiding In Your Bed

Many nooks in a house where all kinds of small critters can hide or even reproduce. But many may not expect that the bed is also an environment conducive to the proliferation of these undesirable insects, yet this is indeed the case.

Insects that can quickly become problematic
Bed bugs are small creatures that can live with us without noticing their presence, they are of course harmful and can clearly infest a place if they find a perfect place for their installation and reproduction.

But how do you know if you are infested? There are indeed signs of these insects to pay attention, even if you have not seen any bedbugs alive at home:
  • Rust-colored stains on mattresses or sheets. They are caused by bedbugs that get crushed.
  • Tasks of the size and shape of a small black dot, it is about bedbug excrement.
  • Eggs, shells and pale yellow skins left by nymphs as they grow.
  • What you need to know about bed bugs
  • They are about 5.08 mm long, have no wings, look like ticks but are oval and rusty in color.
  • They can suck up to the equivalent of 6 times their weight and eat as much human blood as animal blood.
  • The marks of their bites are often confused with those of mosquitoes.
  • They are active only at night.
  • Contrary to popular belief, they do not live only in dirty places, they can also live in a clean house.
  • They are resistant and are able to thrive and reproduce quickly under various conditions.
  • They can stay alive for months without feeding.
  • Steps to get rid of it once and for all
  • Do not hesitate to inspect everything.

Keep in mind that the best way to stop the presence of these unwanted creatures is to know where they are hiding. Bring a mirror and a flashlight before you go hunting for unwanted.

Remove by hand those that are visible
Hunt them out of any cavities and crevices that may be, even with objects such as a map for example. You can also crush them in a tissue, suck them or trap them with tape. So you can proceed as you wish, just avoid the insecticides.

Wash your bedding
Wash anything that is related to the bed and that can be washed, do it hot because bed bugs and their eggs do not withstand high temperatures.

Freezing is also a solution
As some items are impossible to wash, they should be put in a bag and kept in the freezer. Extreme temperatures are known to annihilate bed bugs.

Aspire all you can suck
Absolutely target all parts of your sleeping area and its surroundings. Do it every day until the bed bugs disappear. Also, be sure to close the bag containing the sucked insects and dispose of it immediately outside the house.

Essential oils
Be aware that some essential oils such as cedar oil, tea tree oil or orange oil are absolutely harmful for these critters. Do not hesitate to mix with water and use a spray to sprinkle all areas likely to shelter.

Diatomaceous earth
It is a natural and very potent insecticide that bed bugs will not withstand at all. Sprinkle bed frames, mattresses and even carpet if necessary. Remove the excess with a vacuum cleaner if necessary.

Put an end to the mess
The more disorder, the more bed bugs will have potential hiding places in which they can spend peaceful days. So make sure the environment of your bed is free of clutter.

Prevention is paramount
To reduce the risk of infestation, do not hesitate to opt for a waterproof bed specially designed not to attract mites, bugs, fleas etc ...

Use caulking to fill in the gaps that may be in beds or bed frames.

You can also place bed bug traps under the feet of your bed, it is simple and inexpensive, in addition it can detect any potential presence of bed bugs and prevent any invasion.
Get Ride Of The Insects