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This Girl Remembers Her Past 10 Lives And Even Has Some Evidence

This Girl Remembers Her Past 10 Lives And Even Has Some Evidence

Aside from people of Hindu religion, few believe in the idea of ​​past lives. Yet Joey Verwey was telling incredible stories to her parents as young as three years old. She would witness many times of humanity even in the cave age. Disturbing testimony of a young woman who has lived many times, as reported by our fellow journalist Evome.

The idea of ​​past lives is based on certain beliefs or esotericism, they are not scientifically verified and are totally subjective.

The details of his stories are so precise and rich that one can not imagine that Joey invented them. From the age of three, the young woman began to have flashes of her previous lives and to relate them to her parents.

According to her, the first of her lives would have taken place in a cave some 200 million years ago. One of his memories is that he was chased by a dinosaur and left stone and bone tools in a cave. At first glance, this memory looks completely spooky. It could be considered a lie or the fruit of his imagination if she had not led investigators into caves in South Africa that she had never seen before. Disturbing since these caves are exactly those where Robert Bloom, a member of the Royal Society, discovered the missing link between monkeys and humans, Australopithecus Africanus.

Joey would have had two lives as an Egyptian slave. She remembers with very precise details the conditions aboard a galley of slaves. She even remembers the ancient techniques of paving stone roads.

The memories blur for her when it comes to remembering other times. A reminiscence of one of her previous lives comes to her and she remembers wearing a heavy sail and seeing a princess in a carriage in the back of an elephant.

Joey would have also had a life of persecuted Christian that she recalls in detail. This would have occurred during the reign of the terror of Nero in the 1st century, she remembers meeting St. Peter.

In South Africa this time, the young woman remembers the 1900s, as the president's granddaughter during that time, Paul Kruger. She remembers growing up with two husbands and no less than ten children. After investigation, these people really existed. The investigators discovered that one of his children was still alive and was now 90 years old.

This is not the first time that someone has lived several lives. Reincarnation would be a process of survival after death through which the soul would pass through different bodies in different eras. Many people have already testified about their past lives. Very often, they become acquainted with these in recurring dreams of other times. 

Others, conscious of their reincarnations with impressions of déjà-vu and are convinced of having lived in another city or in another time. A very great affinity for periods of time, cultures or environments might make one think that these people have had previous lives and that it would be a certain attachment to their past. Previous lives would also manifest in young children through flashes, quick visions of events, which lead to confusion. Some people may remember very specific details of their past lives and stories that may be true.
Girl Remembers Her Past 10 Lives And Even Has Some Evidence