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A Girl Suffers From Malnutrition Because Of Her Vegan Parents

A Girl Suffers From Malnutrition Because Of Her Vegan Parents

Vegan Parents

In Australia, a 32- and 34-year-old father and mother had to answer for their negligence in court. They admitted to being guilty of mistreating their 19-month-old baby. Indeed, because of the vegan diet they imposed on her, the girl suffers today from advanced rickets (a degenerative bone disease). Here are the details of this aberrant story relayed by our colleagues Dailymail.

No meat, no milk, no egg! This can cause significant deficiencies, especially in a growing child. Thus, the consequences of such a low diet in nutrients essential for proper development can be disastrous.

A dietary principle that goes wrong

After imposing a vegan diet on their 19-month-old baby, a couple was held accountable by an Australian court. Their little girl is now suffering from severe rickets (a degenerative bone disease) because of her parents' vegan diet.

The diet they gave her was so deficient in nutrients that at over a year and a half, the little girl weighed only 4.9 kg, barely double her birth weight. Indeed, her parents offered her only half a banana and a cup of oatmeal with rice milk in the morning, a slice of toast with jam or peanut butter at lunch time, and tofu, rice or potatoes for dinner and when she did not want to eat it, they gave her some oats.

It was only after being hospitalized for health problems that the doctors became aware of the state of malnutrition of the girl and thus alerted the authorities. The vegan diet having caused serious nutritional deficiencies, the girl suffered from a lack of calcium, vitamins B12 and A, iron, zinc, phosphate and vitamin D.

His bones were so fragile that the doctors were afraid of breaking them with each manipulation. Moreover, she was so weak that she could neither speak nor walk.

In addition, after a survey of the girl's medical history, the medical team found that no vaccination was done, in addition to a lack of a post-natal birth certificate or the lowest health insurance number.

The little girl and her two older brothers are now placed in foster homes, and in just 6 months, she has already gained six pounds, crawls and stands alone. Nevertheless, according to doctors, it is still "imperative" that she continue her treatment and that she be closely monitored to manage her stunting.

Vegan Parents

Why is the vegan diet bad for kids?
This story reminds us of the one reported by our colleagues in Washingtonpost about an Italian couple who lost custody of their child 14 months after hospitalization due to malnutrition problems. This led the Italian parliament to consider a bill banning parents from imposing a vegan diet on children under 16 years of age.

Studies by the Canadian Pediatric Society have confirmed the dangers of this type of diet for children. In fact, the more limited the child's diet, the higher the risk of deficiency, the health consequences in this case being terrible.

Members of the American Academy of Pediatrics have also expressed concerns about this type of diet. Dr. Sheela Magge, Endocrinologist at the National Health System for Children, said, "Childhood is a critical time for brain growth and development. There are essential vitamins and minerals that can be deficient in a vegan diet, especially vitamins B-12, iron, calcium, zinc and riboflavin. "

It is therefore advisable, if you have children, not to impose a vegan diet. However, if despite the recommendations, you insist that they follow the same diet as yours, it is essential to take the advice of a pediatrician or a nutritionist to avoid any risk of deficiencies or malnutrition.