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Here's How To Behave With A Narcissist

Here's How To Behave With A Narcissist

In life, you are likely to meet a narcissistic person. You may find it difficult to spot because this type of person has a good ability to hide the most malicious aspects of his personality. But as soon as you have identified it, there is a unique method that works to behave with this kind of individual. Discover it!

A narcissistic person often seems charming and friendly but behind this mask is often hiding a toxicity that will harm your mental health and sometimes even physical. A 2008 US study of more than 34,000 adults found that 6.2% of the sample had narcissistic personality disorder.

The only way to behave with a narcissist!
If you care about your psychological, emotional and physical health you have no choice but to refuse to engage in any relationship with a narcissist. So the only way to deal effectively with this kind of people is to not deal with them at all. You must break all links, stop all communication and eliminate any interaction with a narcissist.

This method may seem extreme, especially if you have not yet experienced all the narcissistic behaviors, but unfortunately no other method works.

Here are the two main reasons why a total blockade is so necessary in the face of a narcissist.

The addiction of the narcissist
Narcissists feed on the feelings of others, they reinforce themselves by making others feel weak. For them, the only thing that really matters is their own satisfaction, and one of the easiest ways to do that is to annihilate anyone who opposes it. Whether the relationship is intimate, family, professional or a mere acquaintance, a narcissist will always seek to manipulate and dominate you.

As Melanie Tonia Evans, expert in the recovery of narcissistic abuse, author and radio host, says in her article on the narcissistic offer:

Narcissistic supply is energy, it's attention: "if I can catch your attention, it lets me know that I exist."

Indeed, the study cited above refers to a level of co-occurrence between narcissistic personality disorder and substance use. What does it mean? For a narcissist, you and the attention you give him are addictive. It's a bit like an addict who can work well after taking a dose, but still needs a second and then a third to live.

The incapacity of the narcissist to change
Narcissism is a personality disorder and is not a mental illness that results from a chemical imbalance such as depression. As a result, it can not be treated, at least not effectively, with drugs.

Narcissism is due to an altered brain structure that forms over time in response to events and stimuli. Limited evidence suggests that therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy may help reduce the need for narcissistic features, but there are few, if any, documented cases of narcissists overcoming their condition.

It is precisely for this reason that you should separate yourself from the narcissists you meet. Their true behavior is very unlikely to change and you should not expect it. A narcissist is only able to change when he is able to look at himself from an outside point of view, and this ability to observe as a third person is beyond his ability to understand.

Why does a complete separation work?
The answer is simple and comes back to the comparison between a narcissist seeking his supply and a drug addict who does the same. If you stop being a source of supply, the narcissist will have no choice but to look elsewhere.

By doing so you can believe that you are running away from problems instead of facing them but in the case of managing a narcissist, the problem is not yours, you are a victim.
Behave With A Narcissist