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This Is How You Lose A Person Who Loved You With All His Heart

This Is How You Lose A Person Who Loved You With All His Heart

You think this woman will always be there with you. You know that she loves you with all her heart and you can not imagine that one day she will leave you. But this is possible if you do not treat it as it deserves. And if you lose it, it will be forever.

Things have changed
You have the habit of sending your partner text messages in the morning, so she finds them every time when she wakes up with a smile on her face. This is no longer the case and she does not know why. She falls asleep all alone at night hoping for a text where you want a good night, but to no avail.

She does not expect anything from you
She does not wait for your calls during the night to ask about her and how she spent her day or how she feels. She just stopped waiting for anything from you because you stopped giving her a reason to do it.

You do not make her feel that she is a priority in your life. You stopped making her feel like she was the most important woman for you. At this point, she always feels that she is being taken for granted. Thus, she always feels depressed, underestimated and neglected.

However, you should never take the tolerance of your partner for a weakness and think that she will always stay with you. If you continue to treat her well, you will lose her and may be forever.

She knows what she deserves
When you have free time, do you think about it? When you work, you go out with friends, do you call her to let her know that you are thinking of her? She's waiting for you to contact her, but are you making an effort to do it? How many days do you think she will afford to continue in this type of relationship? She refrains from pointing that out to you, because she does not want to give the impression of asking all your time.

In fact, this woman does not require anything in your relationship. But she knows she deserves so much more than you really give her. She is aware that she deserves more time from you. She also knows that she deserves to feel important and to have priority in your life. But you are not doing enough to give her what she deserves and show her your love.

Do you remember the last time you told her she was beautiful, the last time you gave her a surprise? Do you remember the last time you looked at your wife with love and told her that she was the only woman in your life? When was the last time you showed him that you care about his physical or emotional well-being?

She lost confidence in you
She saw you with admiration before, but now she's starting to question your whole relationship and her judgment about you is starting to change for real. She loses confidence and faith in you, in herself and in the relationship.

She has been disappointed many times by you, because she has waited a lot and nothing has changed on your part, so she does not want to wait for anything. Which is really sad because she thought you were different.

You broke a heart
You will have to live with having broken the heart of a person who did not deserve it and who was always there for you. For your own pride and selfishness, you have led a relationship with someone who loved you with all his heart to failure.

You miss a chance of a true and unconditional love
Your partner loved you unconditionally. Yes, she was really in love with you. She wanted the best for you despite the fact that you neglected her. She still looked at you with admiring eyes thinking she was lucky to have you. Now she thinks she gave her love to someone who did not deserve it and who did not appreciate that precious gift she gave him.

You lost it
In the end, you will lose it. Although she will suffer from this, she knows she will recover. She will find someone who will love her for who she is and as no one has ever done, because this woman knows what she wants and deserves.

After losing it, there will come a time when you will understand its true value and its true place in your life, but it will be too late to understand it, since it will already be gone and it will have already turned the page.
Lose A Person Who Loved You With All His Heart